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Deplorables Destroyed: Massive Pro-Trump Facebook Group Sold To Click Farm

Top U.S. conservative event CPAC bans pro-family group, approves pro-LGBT

Exclusive — Sessions: We Are Ending ‘Executive Branch Legal Activism’

Texas: Plano Councilman Pressured to Resign Over Facebook Post Calling for Banning of Islam from Schools (See more in islamic news tab)

Mitt Romney Announces He’s Running For Senate — Takes A Direct Swipe At Trump In Announcement Video

Chris Bedford Broke Down The New Revelations On Bruce Ohr And Fusion GPS That Could Blow The Lid Off The Russia Investigation

VIDEO: Cook County Jail Inmates Cheer as Cop Killer is Escorted Through Prison

Wisconsin Democrat Runs for Office, Then Gets Arrested and Extradited to New York City

Sharyl Attkisson: The “Fake News” Campaign Was a Pre-Planned Political Operation By Google’s Schmidt and Democrats

State takes teen daughter from Christian parents for refusal to support gender transition

Law enforcement: no evidence of connection between Florida school shooter and white supremacist group #FakeNews #Parkland

Swedish School Installs Bulletproof Windows

India: Close to 100K at “Largest Pro-Israel Rally in History” in Calcutta

Obama DOJ Official Bruce Ohr Hid Wife’s Fusion GPS Payments From Ethics Officials

How Chain Migration Will Create a Permanent Democrat Majority

Leftist-Islamic Alliance: Hamas-Linked CAIR Hosts Forum for Democrat Gubernatorial Candidates

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Florida Mass Shooter’s Instagram Account

Alleged ‘news’ outlets push fake news that Trump made it easier for mentally ill to buy guns

Hatemongers attack grieving father of Parkland victim for wearing Trump t-shirt

REPORT: Florida Shooter ‘Fascinated By Guns’ — Followed ‘Syrian Resistance Groups’

Reports: Florida school shooting suspect followed ‘Syrian resistance groups’

Anti-gun journo: NRA ‘must be destroyed’

California High School bans ‘racially insensitive’ national anthem at rallies

Phoenix Fauxcahontas: Warren Revives Cherokee Heritage Lie… to Tribal Nations’ Faces!

Trump Lawyer Claims He Paid Stormy Daniels with Personal Money

11 officers gunned down since start of year

Chicago police officer dies after being shot multiple times

3 people shot outside NSA Headquarters

Alveda King: How Trump has helped the African American community & her thought on Joy Behar attacking VP Pence VIDEO

Media analyst Mark Dice: CNN holds ‘huge portion of responsibility’ for ‘terrorist’ who sent white powder to Vanessa Trump

Liberal group working to deny overseas U.S. military voting

WATCH: Netanyahu rebuffs bribery claims, predicts he will win next election

NFL Player Who Protested Police Violence, Anthem Arrested for Domestic Violence

Rev. Graham: Trump ‘Defends the Christian Faith,’ Past Presidents ‘Scolded Christians’

Feds Collect Record Taxes in First Month Under Tax Cut; Run Surplus in January

White House Outlines Proposal to Gut Obama-Era Rules on Methane Emissions

President Trump Plans to Propose a Reciprocal Tax on Foreign Imports

California AG Threatens to Sue if Trump Administration Places Citizenship Question on Census

Donald Trump Urges Congress to ‘Solve the DACA Puzzle’

Record Number of Small Business Say Now Is a Good Time to Expand

Ted Cruz Casts Lone Vote Against Amnesty Bill Debate

Islamic State Photos Show Burqa-Clad Women in Combat

Senior Obama Policy Adviser Convicted of Sex Crimes Took ‘Upskirt’ Videos

CNN to Lay Off up to 50 Employees After Missing Revenue Targets

CNN Panelist: ‘GOP Women Are Trapped with Their Abuser, Which Is Trump’

5 things to know about Trump’s $4.4 trillion budget

Trump’s $4.4 Trillion Budget Boosts Defense With More Red Ink

Senate Amnesty Bills Rushed to Thursday Vote

Vanessa Trump Powdered Hate Mail Scare

‘Sex for Aid’: Woke Charity Giant Oxfam Accused of Child Sex Abuse Coverup in Haiti, South Sudan

Finally: Trump budget proposes elimination of public TV, arts funding

Study: Welfare for Foreign “Refugees” Costs U.S. Taxpayers Nearly $870 Million Annually (sEE MORE IN ISLAMIC NEWS TAB)

Washington Post, CNN, NPR, PBS all praise murderous North Korea and its slave state leaders

EXCLUSIVE: Anthony Weiner Kept Laptops Open Around Sex Worker He Was Seeing Regularly for Nearly Two Years

Former Secret Service Agent: Adam Schiff Is a Snake! He’s the Biggest Fraud on Capitol Hill (Video)

Evidence Suggests Former FBI Head of Counter Intelligence, Bill Priestap, is Obamagate’s ‘Deep Throat’!

Grassley Hammers Adam Schiff For Claiming Steele Criminal Referral Undermines Mueller Witch Hunt

Ignored by Media=> Cancer Survivor Travels to White House to Thank President Trump for Saving His Life (Video)

Chairman Nunes to Investigate Ex-CIA Director John Brennan For His Role in Promoting Hillary’s Phony Dossier ‘Brennan May Have Perjured Himself’

TOM FITTON: There Are AT LEAST FOUR Anti-Trump Dossiers By Obama-Clinton Cabal (VIDEO)

Ex-Obama State Dept. Spokesperson Once Claimed Steele Dossier Was NOT Used To Obtain FISA Warrant (VIDEO)

COMMENTARY: Scandal deepens for top Democrats

Libya: Black Africans Are Being Sold by Arabs in the Slave Market (See more in islamic news tab)

ANOTHER Get-Trump Dossier uncovered – this one by the Obama State Dept

Obama provided Iran with stealth drone that penetrated Israel’s border (See more in islamic news tab)

List of Anti-Trump Politicians and Institutions Who Colluded with the Russians

Left-Wing Blogger Calls for Drowning of Conservative Students

Black Lives Matter Infiltrates Public Schools with Globalism, Diversity, ‘Queer-Affirming,’ Common Core

Two Ohio police officers killed while responding to call; suspect in custody

Bermuda becomes first nation to legalize gay marriage, then repeal it

DREAMers threaten to leave U.S. if Congress doesn’t reach deal on DACA

Journalist calls for professors to drown conservative students

Dem. Sen. Mark Warner colluded with Russians to get private meeting

DOJ announces indictments against global cyber identity fraud ring

The Scope of the Corruption is Staggering, and Deep! A Reign of Tyranny and Treason

A Now Proven Circle of Guilt

Rush Limbaugh: Finally! The California Exodus Begins. (Keep your human poop maps!)

A plan to house L.A.’s homeless residents could transform parking lots across the city

San Francisco Bay Area Experiences Mass Exodus Of Residents

Former State Dept. Official: I Fed Oppo Research from Sidney Blumenthal to Christopher Steele

Trump Declines to Declassify Democratic Memo, Citing DOJ and FBI Objections

Israel Launches ‘Large Scale Attack’ in Syria After Iranian Drone Infiltrates Jewish State (See more in islamic news tab)

Climate of Hate: CNN Provides Nat’l Platform for Nazis and Klansmen

New York Times photographer: Trump gives us more access than Obama

Winter Olympics 2018: North Korea invites South President to Pyongyang

South Koreans Burn North Korean Flags, Images of Kim Jong-Un

VIDEO – Dreamer speaks out in support of Trump’s DACA plan

Russian nuclear scientists arrested for ‘Bitcoin mining plot’

The Obama DOJ Was So Politicized Its Hard To Keep Track Of All The Examples, So Here’s A List

Look Who’s Turning On John Kelly All Of A Sudden

CIA Gave $100k To Russian Offering Dirt On Trump, Including The Sex Video, have reason to doubt authenticity

REVEALED: Three Democrats Attended Private Dinner With Iran’s President And Farrakhan

Hero Down: Richardson TX Police Officer David Sherrard Murdered Wed. Night

Georgia officer dies after being shot while serving warrant, police say

What does faith-based community think of Trump’s presidency?

Kelly ‘shocked’ by abuse allegations against top White House aide

Uranium One informant makes Clinton allegations to Congress

‘It’s a Problem With the Mind, Not the Body’: Increasing Number of Teens Identifying as Transgender

Trump, Wentz Among Speakers at National Prayer Breakfast Beginning @ 8:00 a.m. EST

Colorado Springs Deputy Killed. Three Others Injured in Monday Night Shooting – Little Is Known About Killer Manuel Zetina

Gowdy Insinuates Sidney Blumenthal Connected To Steele Dossier

Video of the Day: Treason charges for those who abused FISA?

Nancy Pelosi praises illegal immigrants for eight hours, puts fellow Democrat to sleep — Video

Northeastern University professor: ‘I wouldn’t mind’ seeing Trump dead

Liberals vow to lie down in front of tanks at Trump’s military parade

Tucker Carlson shreds Adam Schiff for comments on Russia and the Second Amendment — Video

Hillary Donor Gets Pro-Trump “Fake News” Billboard Pulled Down in Times Square

Obamagate: FBI Clinton Investigators Implicate Obama, “POTUS wants to know everything”

Newly Released FBI Text: Strzok-Page Used Untraceable Phones When ‘Talking About Hillary’

UH-OH: Inspector General Reveals Laptops Mysteriously Missing From Elizabeth Warren’s CFPB

COMEY IN HOT WATER=> FBI Misled FISA Court by Omitting Christopher Steele LIED About His Contact With Media Outlets (VIDEO)

Chairman Nunes Reveals JOHN KERRY Was Briefed on ‘Second Dossier’ (VIDEO)

Uncovered Text Message from FBI Lovers Implicates “POTUS” Obama in Obamagate –VIDEO

FBI, DOJ and State Dept. Refuse More than 30 Requests to Turn Over Documents to Senate Committee Since 2015

TRUMP WAS RIGHT=> Obama Was Spying on Trump Tower and NOW THERE IS PROOF

Judge rules California can’t force Christian baker to make same-sex wedding cakes

Stock market roars back as White House affirms strength of U.S. economy

Trump: ‘I’d love to see a shutdown’ if Dems don’t meet immigration demands

Senate leaders say they’re zeroing in on two-year budget deal

Some Muslim immigrants should be watched ‘long-term,’ draft DHS report says (See more in islamic News Tab)

FBI lovers’ latest text messages: Obama ‘wants to know everything’

New texts spark new questions about FBI, Clinton emails; Missing link found in dossier scandal?

Poll: Americans Increasingly Support Tariffs To Protect US Against Globalization

Booming Foreign-Born Population Giving Electoral Dominance to Democrats

House Passes Short-Term Spending Bill, Funding Government Through March 23

‘World’s Most Persistent’ Illegal Alien Deported 44 Times

DOJ Files Felony Charges Against Alien Arrested for DUI Homicide of NFL Player

White House Confirms Donald Trump’s Wish for 🇺🇸 Military 🇺🇸 Appreciation Parade

Wash Post on Immigration: Celebrate Demographic Change, Ignore Economic Impact

Ryan to Senators: No Amnesty Debate in House Unless Trump Approves

Grassley-Graham Memo: Dossier Author Christopher Steele Lied to FBI, FBI Didn’t Tell FISA Court

Democrat Adam Schiff Falls for Russian Prankster Spoof Promising Compromising Dirt on President Trump

FBI ‘needs to clean house,’ former agents say

More liberal hypocrisy. Anti-Gay Imam Featured Yet Again at Florida Democrat Gala

Winter Olympics security workers hit with vomiting illness; military personnel called in for backup

FBI Knew About Nassar, Too Busy Framing Trump to Save Dozens of Girls

Huckabee Notices 1 Thing That Puts FISA Memo in Perspective

Adam Schiff’s ties to George Soros revealed

CNN’s Brian Stelter: Spying on Trump justified if there’s ‘fear’ of something ‘suspicious’

Video: Clinton blames ‘misogyny’ and ‘sexism’ for election loss — again

Nancy Pelosi triggered after Trump calls Dems ‘un-American,’ ‘treasonous’

Wayne Dupree Show: Even With Strong Economy; Liberals Tout Doom After DOW Drops!

VIDEO: Gowdy: Without Steele Dossier There Would Be No FISA Warrant

A SECOND Memo Just Emerged, and Look Who Was Found Feeding the Info to Steele

The primary target of the DOJ FISA “Title I” surveillance warrant, Carter Page, appears on Fox News


The FISA Memo, High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Epic President Trump: “We Caught Them In The Act”

In March 2016 Carter Page Was an FBI Employee – In October 2016 FBI Told FISA Court He’s a Spy

Grassley: “2nd Dossier” Fed To Christopher Steele By Obama State Dept, Routed Through Clinton Crony

New Hillary Emails Reveal Clinton’s Aide Told Her ‘All of Your Info is Saved on the Server’

Christopher Steele is no-show in London court in civil case over dossier

Trump’s Lawyers Make Recommendation On Whether He Should Meet Mueller

The 2018 Elections Just Got A Bit Easier For Democrats Thanks To The Supreme Court

Senators: ‘Substantial Evidence’ That British Spy Misled FBI About Dossier

 Clinton Associates Fed Information to Dossier Author Steele, Grassley-Graham Memo Says

Trump Tax Cuts Have Postponed Economic Collapse: “The U.S. Has Become The Tax Haven Of The World”

German Politicians ‘Alarmed’ at Scale of Anti-Christian Hate Attacks

Police Deploy Devices Designed for War Zones to Treat Acid Victims in Sadiq Khan’s London (See more in the islamic News Tab)

Baby Born at 25 Weeks, Weighing Less Than an iPad, Shows Humanity of Unborn Children (See more in ProLife News Tab)

Waters Caught Steering $1.2 Billion to Obama Flunkies

Drunk Driving Illegal Alien Arrested in Roadside Crash that Killed Colts Player and Uber Driver

GOP Lawmaker Pushing to Subpoena Transcripts From FISA Court Hearings VIDEO


Panel to discuss social media censorship and political bias by Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google

Insane: Adam Schiff claims Oklahoma City-style attack could happen because of FISA memo release — Video

Bill Maher: All Republicans are ‘treasonous rats’ — Video

White House petition calls for arrest of those involved in FISA abuses

Polls swing toward GOP, easing fears of midterm disaster

Suspect takes sledgehammer to 12 Dallas police cars

CA city to experiment with ‘universal basic income’ Residents to get $500 a month, no questions asked, as starting point

Republican Sen. John McCain, Democratic Sen. Chris Coons say they will propose path to citizenship for DACA participants, but no wall

AP Exclusive: Despite denial, Pope got abuse victim’s letter

Assange Pulls Rug From Under Comey, Exposes Ex-FBI Dir.’s Schizophrenia

Students Hate Quotes from Trump SOTU — Until Realizing They Are Obama’s

Indiana Became the Second State to Impose Work Requirements for Medicaid

Lawmakers Consider Bill to Require Chemical Castration for Sex Offenders

Former FBI Official: Clinton Email Investigator Evaded Federal Record-Keeping Laws

Trump Threatens Tariffs on Countries Refusing Own Nationals

Philadelphia Fans Celebrate Super Bowl LII — by Trying to Burn City to Ground

Report: Nunes Wants to Publish As Many As 5 More Memos

Republicans sweep list of top 10 most popular governors

AWESOME! Ben Shapiro Rewrites ‘The Night Before Christmas’ Poem For The Memo: ‘Twas The Night Before Memo’

Rush: Here’s The Ugly Truth Democrats Revealed In Their Response To Trump’s SOTU

UH-OH: New Texts From Anti-Trump FBI Agents Show They Tried To Evade Rule To Archive Messages

Maine, Bucking National Trend, Considers Lowering Minimum Wage

CA Professor: We Must Abolish ‘White Democracy’

LA’s Homeless Problem Is Out Of Control. And It’s All Their Own Leftist Government’s Fault

Politifact Backs Down: Crazed Democrat Out As Fact Checker

Trump’s policies have officially decreased the Debt to GDP ratio by 1.2% in the President’s first year in office

Scott Baio Denies Molestation Allegations By Eggert With Proof They Are False!

Pence RIPS Manchin For Voting Against West VA Interests; Senator Responds!

Stephen King gets clock cleaned on Twitter after calling GOP train crash “karma”

Maxine Waters: Russia is out to get me! — Video

Memo: Clinton Campaign’s Law Firm Hosted Meeting with Russian Dossier Author, Fusion GPS

Video: Rep. Adam Schiff claims Russian ads promoted Second Amendment so we would kill each other

Twitter censorship suspected in alleged suppression of viral #FullofSchiff hashtag

CNN’s Sally Kohn triggered by ‘USA’ chant at SOTU, but got misty over it in 2012

Maxine Waters falsely claims Trump defended KKK in fact-free response to…

MSNBC’s Joy Reid triggered by Trump’s talk of church, family, police,…

True Colors and Seething Hatred

Black activists heap praise on President Trump’s State of the Union address

‘Bizarre DISTRACTION’: Supposed ‘changes to memo’ sound like a NOTHINGBURGER #ReleaseTheMemo

House Republicans are retiring in droves. What’s pushing them out? (Casualty List Link in Article)

Trump: Democrats Do Nothing but ‘Resist, Blame, Complain, and Obstruct’ on DACA