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Pres. Trump Pardons Late Heavyweight Champion Jack Johnson, Obama Was Asked And Refused

Obama Takes Jab at Trump: “I Did Not Have Scandals as President” …(Benghazi, IRS Targeting, Spygate, Fast and Furious…)

Trans-Black Activist Rachel Dolezal Hit With Felony Welfare Fraud Charges

Three FBI Agents Set to Testify: Including Lead Investigator in Clinton Email Probe Who Quit in Protest Over Sham Investigation

Clapper Said Spying on Trump a “Good Thing”… Now #FakeNews Media Says Clapper “Has Not Admitted FBI Was Spying”

Employees Find Needles, Drug Baggies and Blood All Over the Walls After Starbucks Opens Its Bathrooms to Everyone

SARA CARTER: FBI Agent at Mike Flynn Interrogation Ready to Testify in Defense of Flynn

BREAKING: FBI Spy Stefan Halper and Aussie Diplomat Alexander Downer Go Way Back

MORE DEEP STATE LIES! Lawmakers Nunes and Gowdy DID NOT RECEIVE Unredacted Documents They Sought From DOJ-FBI Today

Adam Schiff Releases Absurd Statement After Gang of 8 Meeting With Nunes to Discuss #Spygate

Harvey Weinstein to Surrender to Police Friday on Sex Crime Charges

Actor Morgan Freeman Who Was Voice of Hillary Clinton Ads Is Accused of Sexual Abuse and Harassment by 8 Women

Deep State Spy and Trump-Basher Stefan Halper Openly Advocated for Hillary in 2016 While Spying on Trump

FINALLY! After Most Major Conservative Sites Are Completely Throttled by Facebook — GOP Leaders Speak Out (VIDEO)

Nurse becomes 27th person to die from Ebola in new outbreak in Congo

Dana Loesch to Houston police chief Art Acevedo after online threat of legal action: ‘Am I under surveillance?’

Sedition: Eric Holder calls on DOJ/FBI to unconstitutionally defy President Trump

Democrat Politicians violate First Amendment, still block conservatives on Twitter but Trump Can’t?

VIRAL VIDEO: IRS Scammer Tries To Pull One Over On The Police!

NFL adopts policy to fine teams if players and personnel don’t stand for national anthem

Leftist Preacher Rev William Barber Claims Jesus Supported Abortion, Single Payer

Lefty Anti-Semitism is a Serious Problem With a Long History

One million Canadians waited for medical treatment in 2017, costing $1.9 billion in lost wages

Trump, Congress finalize deal to roll back some of Dodd-Frank, but not as much as they should have

Let’s trash the stupid “Common Core” program, the failed attempt to run local schools from Washington, and use that money, billions of dollars, for “common sense” security

Blue Wave Collapses: GOP Takes Commanding Lead over Dems in New Reuters Poll

Intuit under intense fire after questionable treatment of gun-related companies

Al Gore: ‘Terminate’ Trump presidency for ‘ethical reasons’

SPLC: Calling MS-13 murderers, rapists ‘animals’ is ‘racist’ and ‘dehumanizing’

Pres. Trump Goes After “Criminal Deep State!”

Rep. Jim Jordan Battles CNN’s Chris Cuomo Over The Russia Investigation

Pres. Trump To Speak At MS-13 Forum In Long Island, NY

Trump: Historic North Korea Talks Could Be Delayed

YES! Trump Makes Planned Parenthood Defunding Official, Rule Would Cut $60 Million in Taxpayer Funding (See more in ProLife news tab)

Tractor trailer full of undocumented immigrants stopped in Texas

Trump: ‘Criminal deep state’ caught up in ‘major spy scandal’

Exclusive: Bannon says Rosenstein could be fired ‘very shortly’

Scrambling Holder Pushes DOJ To Defy President’s Order To Investigate FBI

Fla. shooting survivors call for boycott of Publix for donating to NRA-backed governor candidate

GOP dissidents on cusp of forcing immigration votes

Devastating 2016 Strzok Text Found: “THE WHITE HOUSE IS RUNNING THIS”

VIDEO: Devastating 2016 Strzok Text Found: Obama’s WH Is Running Trump Investigation

Devastating 2016 Strzok Text Found: Obama’s WH Is Running Trump Investigation

VIDEO: Democrats shift message, vow to ‘drain the swamp.’ Fox News contributor says it was ‘disheartening’ for Minneapolis diners to curse and hurl a drink at her.

Trump praises Tomi Lahren after she and her family was harassed at restaurant and had drink thrown on her

Why are police officers under siege? Video


SERIOUSLY! Bill Nye: Taxing Cow Farts a ‘Fantastic Thing for the World’

Europe Plotting to Undermine New U.S. Sanctions on Iran (See more in islamic news tab)

Trump Administration Condemns ‘Sham’ Election in Venezuela, Imposes New Sanctions

Obama’s Education Secretary Defends Call to Pull Kids Out of School: ‘Less Guns’ Is the Answer (Video)

Manhunt in Maryland for suspects in killing of Baltimore County police officer

Dressed all in black, students storm school with water guns, set off fireworks in ‘senior prank’

Parkland Gun Control Activist With Largest Following Pushes Lie That US Government Funds NRA

Sen. Ron Johnson Sends Letter to FBI – Discovers Secret Deep State “Sensitive Matter Team” Behind Phony Dossier

Trump Economy Sets More Records: 1st Quarter Profits, Earnings Reach All-Time Highs – Largest Monthly Surplus in History – Far Left Media Silent

Vandals Destroy Veterans Memorial In Texas

HUGE!! IG Has NO POWER TO SUBPOENA Former Obama Employees — That’s Why Rosenstein Asked Him to Investigate Spying on Trump

Former Trump Aide Michael Caputo Drops Bombshell: ‘I Was Approached by SECOND Informant’ (VIDEO)

Steve King Proposes New Law to Jail Public officials Who Aid and Abet Illegals

Hillary Clinton to receive Harvard medal for ‘transformative impact on society’

‘God made you gay’: Did Pope Francis just tell the lie of the century?

Kevin Jackson Exposes the Lie of Blacks being 3/5th Human in the constitution

Here’s How Much The Federal Government Paid Alleged Trump Campaign ‘Spy’ In 2016

Nothing Will Get Better Until We Return To God

Paul Ryan OUT? GOP ‘Entertaining’ The Idea Of Ousting Speaker Before Summer’s Out

THANKS TRUMP! China Pledges To Buy More American Products, Reduce Trade Deficit

HAHAHAHA! WASH POST, NYT: FBI Embedded Informant In Trump Campaign To PROTECT Him

HUGE! Email Shows FBI ‘Informant’ Stefan Halper Was Still Spying on Trump Well Into 2017

Conway RIPS Stelter — You Confused America And Wasted Time On This Russian Collusion Story

Liberal Obama, Clinton Pastors and US Bishop Who ‘Stole Show’ at Royal Wedding Set to March on White House to ‘Reclaim Jesus’ from Pres. Trump; ‘America First is Heresy Against Christ’

John Brennan Fires Warning Shot to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell After Trump Orders DOJ to Investigate FBI’s Campaign Infiltration

Devin Nunes Goes Off On The Deep State: ‘If There’s Nothing To See Here, Show Us The Documents’

Trump’s Fed Up With Mueller ‘Scam,’ Blasts FBI For Ignoring Hillary

Freedom Caucus Chair Mark Meadows Demands Documents From Rosenstein: ‘The DOJ Can’t Be Trusted to Investigate Themselves’

Obama Education Secretary Believes Students Should Stay Out Of School Until Gun Legislation Is Passed

Islamic Extremists Attack Russian Orthodox Church In Chechneya And Pay With Their Lives (See more in islamic news tab)

Alan Dershowitz: Mueller Probe, FBI Full Of ‘Republicans Who Hated Trump’

Conservative Pundit Hammers Jimmy Kimmel For His ‘White Privilege’ On Gun Control

Hillary Embarrasses Herself Again Over Her Election Loss — This Time At Her Alma Mater

James Woods: Democrats Blocking ‘Security Protocols that Work for Schools’

$90M of Meth Found in Truck Driven by Illegal Alien

Nunes: If Taxpayer Money Used for ‘Spy Ring,’ ‘It’s Over’

Trump Orders Justice Department to Investigate Obama Surveillance

Giuliani: Mueller To Finish Probing Possible Trump Obstruction By September 1

U.S. Imported More than 10M Immigrants in Last Decade

Poll: Two-Thirds of Americans Give Trump Credit for Economy

Kelly Clarkson Opens Billboard Music Awards by Demanding ‘Action’ Against School Shootings

Report: Professor with CIA Ties Had Number of Meetings with Trump Campaign Aides

AWESOME: Trump to use Reagan regulation to cut big money to Planned Parenthood! (See more in prolife news tab)

Pelosi Defends MS-13

Journalists Admit Trump Called MS-13 ‘Animals,’ Still Cry Racism

John McCain…An Angry, Bitter Liberal

Hartford Connecticut officer in ICU after being stabbed in neck, female suspect charged with attempted murder

Senate confirms Haspel to head CIA

Immigration fight threatens GOP farm bill

The New York Times Confirms My Theory: FBI Spied on the Trump Campaign

Man opens fire at Trump’s Miami golf resort

USA TODAY: Trump supporters across America: The president is delivering on his agenda

Vandals tag Fitchburg, MA police memorial with hateful words

Report: John Brennan Worked ‘Pee Dossier’ into Obama’s Daily Briefing, Called Steele ‘Credible Source’

NJ School Board Member Lawson-Muhammad, who’s married to the great-grandson of Nation of Islam Founder, calls police chief ‘skinhead’ during a traffic stop

Here’s The Hero Who Saved Countless Lives In School Shooting – What We Know:

House passes tough penalties for those who attack, ambush law enforcement officers

Indiana police ambushed by gunman who allegedly killed neighbor shown in dramatic video

Senate Judiciary Dems claim in ‘report’ that Kremlin may have used NRA to help Trump

Debbie Wasserman Schultz claims NRA ‘just shy of a terrorist organization’

CA high school kids write gun control legislation, will submit to city council

Andrew Cuomo’s Fatwa Against the NRA (and Gun Owners Like You)

Facebook Removed 2.5 MILLION Pieces of ‘Hate Speech’ in Just Three Months

DCCC Hit With Ethics Complaint After Secret Recording Released

DCCC-Backed Candidate Loses to Progressive Candidate in Nebraska Democratic Primary

New Report Presents More Evidence Of Anti-Trump Bias In Key Russia ‘Collusion’ Assessment

California Prosecutors Call Out George Soros For Meddling In Local D.A. Races

MORE BRAINWASHING: Guess How Many Of Top 50 National Universities Have Conservative Commencement Speakers

Energy Secretary Rick Perry: Our Power Grid Is More Vulnerable To Attack Than Ever

VIDEO: The media have blood on their hands! – Mark Levin BLASTS the media over biased coverage of Israel defending itself from Palestinians

Sexist Trump Breaks Another Glass Ceiling For Women In Government

DEPRAVED: Chelsea Handler Compares Netanyahu To Hitler And Gaza to Auschwitz

CNN’s Chris Cillizza Tweets GIF With Crosshairs On President Trump

Starbucks, Amazon Panic After Leftist Seattle City Council Passes Crippling ‘Head Tax’ Hypocrites

Parkland Deputy Who Failed To Confront Shooter Now Collecting Big Pension

REPORT: Broward County’s ‘Promise’ Student Diversion Program Is A Total Mess

WATCH: John Oliver Tries To Separate Venezuela Crisis From Socialism

Liberal Democrat Journalists Think Democrats Should Double Down On Dismissing White Working Class

Rand Paul Asks Trump’s CIA Pick Whether She Knew About Campaign Surveillance

Clinton Campaign Funneled $150,000 To Hillary’s Personal Company

VIDEO: Secretary Nielsen talks immigration, relationship with Trump – IF CITIZENS BREAK THE LAW WE GET SEPARATED FROM OUR FAMILY TOO! DUH!

Dem Senator Tries To Grill Homeland Security Secretary. Her Answer Dismantled Her Entire Argument

Twitter Will Suppress ‘Trolls’ Who Don’t Violate Rules

At First Glance You See Palestinian Martyrs Until One Needs To Scratch His Nose (See more in islamic news tab)

Google Employees Walk Out After Learning About Pentagon Government Contract!

Race-baiter Spike Lee makes false claims against Trump in profanity-laced tirade

Cheesecake Factory SUSPENDS employees for verbally abusing black customer over a MAGA hat!

AWESOME: Trump to give keynote at big PRO-LIFE gala! (see more in ProLife news tab)

Judge Napolitano Explains How Sports Betting Ruling Might Help Sanctuary Cities [VIDEO]

Devin Nunes Says Trump Campaign Might Have Been Set Up, Predicts Embarrassing Outcome For FBI And DOJ [VIDEO]

Please Put Your Flags to Half-Staff in honor of National Peace Officers Memorial Day

Need Proof The UN Hates Israel? Check Out Its Reaction To America’s Embassy Move

Harley-Davidson Laying Off Hundreds of American Workers, Sending Jobs to Thailand

Sweden: Organized Criminals Recruit ‘Child’ Migrants for ‘Youth Army’

Physicist: ‘Climate Scientists’ Giving Science a Bad Name

Charge Against Gov. Eric Greitens Dropped After Defense Allowed to Put Prosecutor on Stand

DHS Shuts Big Loophole to Deter Illegal Immigrant Students, Workers

GOP Senator: Build the Wall — and Make the Cartels Pay for It!

Report suggests Mueller’s FBI worked closely with Russian oligarch, possibly broke law

Anti-NRA group calls for gun census program as part of effort to repeal, replace 2nd amendment

Report: John Kerry allegedly spotted dining with Iranian regime officials, overheard trashing Trump

MSNBC terrorism analyst: Veterans who support Trump are “not honorable”

Police called by Connecticut school after student makes toy gun out of Legos

Thousands of Gaza Hamas Thugs Attack Israel for $100 a Day (See more in islamic news tab)

“Peaceful” Gaza Protests Feature Bombs, Cleavers and Firebombs (See more in islamic news tab)

VIDEO: Dashcam Released Of Sovereign Shooting Cop In The Back

VIDEO: Officer’s Taser Fails To Stop Suspect Slashing At Him With Knife

Shameful! ZERO DEMOCRATS Attend US Embassy Opening in Jerusalem

WATCH LIVE NOW: Opening of US Embassy in Jerusalem!

Rep Darrell Issa: FBI and DOJ are “Lying Through Their Teeth” to Congress and Lied to Spy on Trump (VIDEO)

Michael Flynn’s Brother Says New Information Was Hidden From Brother, Changes Everything

TRUMP #MAGA Kippahs Are Flying Off the Shelves in Jerusalem’s Jewish Market Before US Embassy Grand Opening

Philadelphia Election Worker Pleads Guilty To Intimidating Voters Who Didn’t Want To Vote For Democrats

Hawaii Eruption Declared ‘Major Disaster’ by Trump

Mueller Indicted A Russian Company That Didn’t Even Exist, Court Transcripts Say

WATCH: Green Beret Tim Kennedy Gets Waterboarded In Defense Of CIA Nominee Gina Haspel

Mary Fallin Vetoed Oklahoma’s ‘Constitutional Carry’ Bill And The NRA Is Up In Arms

Gunman Tries To Rob Kids, Families Outside A School , Then Runs Into A Mother. Now He’s Dead

FORMER SF Mayor Willie Brown: ‘Stop Bashing President Trump’

Dick Morris: Get Ready for ‘Red Wave’

American Christians Celebrate Historic Opening of U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem

‘Thank You President Trump’ on Walls of Jerusalem on Eve of Embassy Move

ABC, NBC Suggest U.S., Israel Are Destabilizing Middle East, Not Iran

ABC, NBC Ignore U.S. and Iraqi Forces Capturing 5 Top ISIS Leaders

The selective amnesia of US Senators questioning Trump’s CIA nominee Gina Haspel is maddening

INSANITY! ‘Sexuality expert’ says babies should ‘give consent’ to have diapers changed

Fox News hack Shepard Smith pushes liberal propaganda, says Trump ‘violated’ Iran Deal, WRONG!

NBC News hack Hallie Jackson claims hostage release ‘choreographed’ and a staged production

Maxine Waters: Impeach Trump over Iran deal

John McCain Trashes Gina Haspel for Endorsing “Torture” of Islamist Terrorists – Forgets He Voted for Brennan Who Has Same “Torture” Record

Anti-American CNN’s April Ryan hit for saying Melania Trump is ‘not culturally American’

Exclusive Interview With J.T. Lewis, The 17-Year-Old Advocating For ‘Armed Guards’ In Schools After Losing His Brother In The Newtown Shooting

John McCain: Yes, It Was Me Who Handed Comey The Unverified Trump Dossier

CA: Oversight Panel Says Cops Broke Policy By Shooting Man Actively Firing At Them

Half of all Americans now live in ‘sanctuaries’ protecting immigrants

Fox Sports 1’s Jason Whitlock: Liberalism ‘Hazardous’ to Black Families

UK Proposes 6-Yr Prison Sentences for Criticizing ‘Gender Reassignment’ Online

Mueller Has An Untouchable ‘Secret Source’ That Is Off Limits To Congress?!

BOMBSHELL MISTAKE: Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Screws Up Accusations Against Michael Cohen, Report Says

BREAKING! DEEP STATE Inside CDC Gives 3 Million Dollars For Democratic Candidates

Freed Americans From N. Korea: ‘God Bless America, the Greatest Nation in the World’

Israel Launches Most Extensive Strike in Syria in Decades After Iranian Rocket Barrage

WATCH: Biden Makes Racially-Charged Gaffe Describing Detroit Women

Democrat Labor Activist Goes Low in Wage Hike Debate -Race baits black bartender who opposes $15 wage

Conservatives to McConnell: Time to Force Issue on Nominees, Spending Bills

The way forward for the black community is to throw aside the crutch of government dependence as advocated by the Democrats

Trump Is Winning The Foreign Policy War

With 15 circuit judge confirmations and a dozen pending, Trump looks to reshape the courts

9/11 Architect Asks to Weigh in on Gina Haspel’s Confirmation

Coates to Kanye: Stop Thinking Outside the Box, or I’ll Call You White

Where’s the hashtag for anti-Christian violence? (See more in islamic news tab)

Florida deputy shot in head while responding to dispute involving cat has died

Trump abandons Iran nuclear agreement ‘The U.S. no longer makes empty threats. When I make promises, I keep them’

New outbreak of Ebola kills 17 in northwest DR Congo

Four Women Accuse New York’s Democrat Attorney General of Physical Abuse

Trump Predicted Demise Of One Of His Top Foes: NY AG Eric Schneiderman

Sessions Talks ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy at Border

VIDEO: MS-13 ‘Amercanizing’ with female members

VIDEO: Atlantic writer slams Kanye for Trump support

Liberalism Must Be Destroyed

HILARIOUS: Leaked Transcript of Mueller Getting Sissy Slapped By Judge Ellis

ICE Detains Illegal Migrant Who Killed Two Americans After 2015 Release

Gun-Free Britain: Four London Shootings in 48 Hours

Spike in Support for Trump Causes Pollster to Reject Own Poll

Useful Idiots: ‘Free Market’ Establishment Surrenders to Tech Giants

WATCH: Parkland Anti-Gun Activist Launches New Attacks, Lies. CNN Does Nothing.

Nikki Haley: ‘You’re Not Hearing Me Defend’ The Way Trump Communicates

WATCH: Rudy Giuliani Asks Why No One Cares About John Kerry ‘Violating The Logan Act’

Mueller’s Russian Troll Farm Indictment Could Face An ‘Embarrassing Dismissal’

Inspector General’s Testimony Delayed Due To ‘New Leads’ In Clinton Email Review

BOMBSHELL: Parkland Shooter Was Assigned To Obama-Era Program, Superintendent Lied, Report Suggests

WATCH: Van Jones Urges Waffle House Hero To Bash Trump. His Response Is Perfect.

Germany Ambassador Grenell on Fox – 127 People Waiting For Confirmation Hearings STILL! Do Your Job Senate!

Facebook helps build terror networks by suggesting friends with similar likes to each other, experts warn

Trump invites Kaepernick to WH Race Summit: Bad Move?

Michelle Obama Insults Women at United State of Women Summit

Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate Patrick Colbeck attacked for concerns about Muslim Brotherhood

Jewish Headstones Smashed in Athens Cemetery

Virginia: Democrats nominate virulent Jew-hater for Congressional seat

Judge rejects Mueller’s request for delay in Russian troll farm case

Authorities identify deputy shot in head, critically injured in Florida last night

CRAZY! A judge released a man accused of impersonating an officer to return to work at a police department he invented

Man Enters Sheriff’s Office Restroom Then Stabs Two Deputies

VIDEO: 4 Cops Beaten By Crazed Man Facing Discipline For Winning Fight