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President Trump’s Accomplishment List

UPDATED List of 544 Acts of Media-Approved Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters So Far, With Links

YES! Black Pastors wising up to loss of their community (See more in ProLife news tab)

It’s no coincidence that on major moral issues, the democratic left instinctively takes a side opposite to Scriptur. NOT TO MENTION THE VIOLENCE

Study shows a huge jump in children who identify as transgender can be traced to a culture pushing the idea

LGBT Community Upset Over the Religious Freedom Granted to Lesbian Witch Cult…Huh?

HUH? Lesbians Want A Church Of Their Own And IRS Approves

SERIOUSLY! Vogue Gives Tips on How to “Awaken Your Inner Witch.” No, Seriously.

Human Rights Campaign Updates Pride Flag to Include People of Color…for Some Reason

New Mexico compound judge who is a democrat has history of issuing low bail to violent offenders (See more in islamic news tab)

Gender neutral restrooms debut at Kansas City elementary schools

Trump Signs Defense Spending Bill Giving 2.6% Pay Raise to US Troops

NY Times: What Happens to #MeToo When a Feminist Is the Accused?

2016 Trump Tower Meeting Looks Increasingly Like a Setup by Russian and Clinton Operatives (With links)

Evidence: Trump Tower meeting set up by Hillary operatives

Divisive Race Baiter Pelosi on Trump: ‘His Whole Thing Is Make America White Again’

President Trump MAGA Campaign Speech in Utica, New York – Full Video

Pres. Trump BLASTS Sessions About Witchhunt — “If We Had A Real Attorney General…”

Melania Trump’s office responded to passages/excerpts about her in Omarosa’s new book “Unhinged.”

Omarosa Releases New Audio Tape After Pierson Claims Conversation Didn’t Exist

Tex Mex restaurant faces liberal backlash after chef takes picture with AG Jeff Sessions

George Conway Shreds Omarosa’s Claim That Trump Called Him a Racial Slur

CNN propagandist Chris Cuomo: Antifa’s fight is moral — Video

Video: Antifa terrorists threaten to murder Trump at Unite The Right counter-protest

Report: Smuggling of Aliens From Terrorism-Prone Nations Across the Southern Border Should Be Part of the Immigration Debate

Devin Nunes: Clinton Campaign Colluded With ‘Nearly Every’ Top Official at the DOJ and FBI

China Blinks in Trade War, Drops Oil From Retaliatory U.S. Tariff List

Hey Liberals…Neener Neener! LOL

UNBELIEVABLE! New Mexico Jihadi Terrorists Can Leave Jail Until Child Abuse Trial On 20,000 Bond, Judge Rules

WATCH! Pastor Darrell Scott, CEO of The National Diversity Coalition for Trump, talks about racism


Gallup: Dems Prefer Socialism to Capitalism for First Time

128 News Outlets Coordinate Attack on Trump

Omarosa taping Trump’s Situation Room may be one of the worst White House security breaches ever

Trump acts surprised by Omarosa firing on new secret tape

Unions see Missouri win as red state watershed

St. Paul Minn. REQUIRES landlords to supply new tenants with voter registration info

FBI fires Strzok over anti-Trump texts

Unbelievable… Omarosa Wonders If President Trump Wants to Start a Race War

Massachusetts Police Chiefs Criticize Elizabeth Warren For Her Comment That ‘Our Criminal Justice System’ Is ‘Racist’ From ‘Front To Back’

Chicago Deploys 600 Cops To South, West Sides, But Shootings Continue

GOP chairwoman rips Omarosa over taping Kelly: ‘If she broke the law, she should be prosecuted’

WATCH: Democrat Caught Stealing Opponent’s Campaign Handouts Off Doors

Trump Condemns ‘All Types Of Racism And Acts Of Violence’ Ahead Of Charlottesville Anniversary

Small group of THIRTY white nationalist RACISTS end DC rally early, Led by the principal organizer of last yr’s “Unite the Right” event in Charlottesville, Va, Jason Kessler who was also part of leftist group Occupy Wall Street

WATCH: Leftist Democrat Goes On Unhinged Rant At ‘Unite The Right’ Rally

Food Donated To Puerto Rico Hurricane Victims Found Rotting In Parking Lot last week

Indianans Petition Against Building ICE Facility, There’s Only One Problem — Officials Didn’t Have Any Such Plans

Former Democrat Candidate Charged Shooting Death Of Campaign Treasurer, Who Backed Gun Control During Race

Greg Gutfeld: Ocasio-Cortez ‘Had to Cloak Her Weak Ideas in the Armor of a Smear’

ABC, CBS, NBC omit all mention of Islamic ties in New Mexico compound starved children case

OUTRAGEOUS! Violent Antifa Protester and College “Ethics” Prof Beats 7 Different Trump Supporters with Bike Lock – Gets Probation (Video)

NBC Trashes Melania Trump’s Parents After They Become US Citizens

Muslim Congressional candidate Ilhan Omar swore to apparent falsehoods in court, while divorcing her BROTHER!

Former Ohio State University Wrestler Walks Back Claims Jim Jordan Knew of Sexual Abuse

FOX VIDEO: A liberal media PR campaign for MS-13

Clinton-Appointed Judge Blocks Deportation of 8 Asylum Seekers – Suggests AG Sessions Could be Held in Contempt

ANOTHER SCREW UP: New Mexico Police Entered Terror Compound On Their Own After Being Tired of FBI Stalling

Scores Of Registered Voters Over 116 Yrs Old Found In Ohio’s 12th District, Report Claim by Government Accountability Institute

VOTER FRAUD? Twice As Many Ballots Cast As There Are Voters In Georgia Precinct

Proposed Bill Would Fund Border Wall By Fining Nations For Each Illegal Immigrant

Finally! Liberal Media Admits Elizabeth Warren Lied About Her Native American Ancestry

Linda Sarsour Linked to Father of New Mexico Jihadi Who Allegedly Trained Kids to Shoot Up Schools (See more in islamic news tab)

David Hogg calls Space Force announcement a distraction from Russia, shows ignorance of 1967 treaty

Hell, no: Facebook now wants your personal financial information

More Than 700,000 Foreign Nationals Overstayed Visas in 2017, DHS Says

Jeff Sessions Calls Out Hate Group SPLC; Conservative Leaders Optimistic FBI Will Cut Ties

Senior DOJ Official Aided Trump Dossier Author, Documents Show “Back Door” Communication Network

California Legislature Wants ‘Gender Diversity’ on Every Corporate Board

Three Miami Dolphins Protest During the National Anthem

Quinnipiac University Prof Allegedly Assaults YouTuber for Criticizing Social Justice

Kanye: Took Me 18 Months to Work Up Courage for MAGA Hat…Was Warned ‘I’d Get Kicked Out of the Black Community’…‘News Can’t Bully Me’

Now YouTube Is Adding ‘Fact Checks’ to Videos that Question ‘Climate Change’

Deep State’s Global Agenda…Part Two

Deep State’s Global Agenda…Part One

Dozens of Trump stars mysteriously appear on Hollywood Walk of Fame

YAHOO NEWS: WATCH! Unfiltered: ‘The left practices tolerance in the most superficial ways’ #WalkAway

ON TWITTER: Dr. Zuhdi Jasser: I am convinced general media blackout over coverage of radical Islamist Jihadi training camp and child abuse in New Mexico is a likely effort to limit the impact it may have on the reputation of American Islamist Establishment.


Disturbing ties emerge between Linda Sarsour and Islamic radical running ‘jihadist’ camp in New Mexico

Wounded officer in ‘good spirits’ after shootout; suspect jailed. 27-year-old charged with attempted murder after Jacksonville Beach gun battle

Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton — FBI Made 11 Payments To Christopher Steele

Spike Lee Wants His New Film ‘BlacKkKlansman’ To Motivate Voters To Register And Defeat Trump

New Report Claims Democrat Candidates Fear Loss Of Hispanic Support

Emanuel In Trouble! — “There’s Too Many Guns On Streets Of Chicago”

Photos of ‘persons of interest’ in NJ for ambushed officers shot

Facebook accused of hindering investigation into murder of teenage girl

Facebook: Farrakhan’s Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories Don’t Violate ‘Hate Speech’ Rules

US Sen. Chris Murphy: Big Tech ‘Must Do More Than Take Down’ Infowars

New Mexico: Muslim arrested at armed Islamic compound was TRAINING KIDS TO KILL, commit school shootings in US, court documents say (See more in islamic news tab)

Owens: ‘There Will Be A Major Black Exit From The Democratic Party…We Are Realizing That The Democratic Party Was Always Racist’

Canada: Disabled Man Says Hospital is Trying to Euthanize Him Instead of Providing Him Medical Care – THIS IS SOCIALISM

Trump-backed Kris Kobach leads Kansas primary by slim margin in unofficial count

‘5 for 5’: Trump touts victories of GOP candidates he endorsed

Berkeley police criticized for posting identities of Antifa protesters: ‘This is very disturbing’ – “People are coming from out of town and bringing weapons and are committed to violence … We don’t want people to be able to do that with anonymity,” spokesman for police dept said

California High School Student Booted From Class for Wearing NRA T-Shirt With Flag On It, No Gun

WATCH: CRTV and Dinesh D’Souza discuss why ANTIFA are IDIOTS

Ted Cruz asks Trump to campaign for him in Texas

NRA lobbying arm launches seven-figure pro-Kavanaugh ad buy

Trump gives Medicare plans new tool to squeeze Big Pharma

Incensed liberals rage against citizenship question for 2020 Census

Making sense of Ana Navarro and other fake conservatives

Fla. sheriff tells Al Sharpton to ‘go back to New York. Mind your own business’

Josh Hawley, Claire McCaskill set for Senate showdown after Missouri primary wins

How visa ‘overstays’ are fueling America’s immigration boom

NJ: Gunman ambushes, shoots 2 officers sitting in vehicle, police say

Philadelphia mayor blames Trump’s ‘hateful rhetoric’ for black doll hanging at park, turned out to be a prank by two neighborhood boys, one white, one black

Gates admits he may have deceived Trump inauguration over expenses as well

School board wants court to hold Florida Sun Sentinel in contempt over Parkland shooter report

John Bolton presses North Korea for progress on its commitments

Trump bump: Economy, employment strong and expanding, says Conference Board report

NBC’s Lester Holt Slams Trump’s ‘Reckless’ Attack on Media as ‘Enemy of the People,’ Worries About Media Safety

Al Sharpton Not Ruling out 2020 Run for President

Hypocrite: Harvard-Educated Owner of FIVE Homes and a Private Plane Says Democrats Becoming ‘Too Elitist’. Tennessee Democrat Phil Bredesen is worth up to $358 million, disclosure shows

WaPo Fact Check: Dems Wrong to Suggest ‘Medicare for All’ Will Save Trillions

New Hampshire Changes Name of Fall Fundraising Dinner to Stop Honoring Bill Clinton

The Censorship Of Alex Jones Takes Us Down A Dangerous Path

Trump Celebrates Black Combat Vet: ‘Future STAR Of Republican Party’

Trump, Balderson Declare Victory In Ohio, But Democrat Not Ready To Concede

Sikh Man Brutally Attacked While Campaigning For GOP Congressman

Illegal Alien Pretends Girl Is His Daughter To Enter US, Rapes Her, Homeland Security Says

“I seriously think Trump is one of the least racist presidents we’ve ever had, because I think if he thought like that, he’d be saying ‘no I shouldn’t say that because it would be racist,;” Klavan said. “He’s just not thinking about it. The only color Donald Trump sees is him. His color is ‘me’ – ‘me’ colored. If you’re Trump colored he likes you, if you’re anti-Trump colored he doesn’t like you, that’s his racism.”

Hero: Armed Neighbor Saves Family From Carjacker With Knife

USA Today Allows False Campus Sexual Assault Statistic To Go Unchallenged

Alex Jones Hit Again In A Coordinated Purge: MailChimp Bans Alex Jones For ‘Hate Speech’

WATCH: Ivy League Students Try To Explain First Amendment

‘The Rock’ Went To An Aquarium And Now Animal Rights Activists Are Very Angry

Trump Attorney Michael Cohen Now Under Investigation For Tax Fraud

WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez Is Asked How America Will Pay For Her Socialist Dreams. Guess How Much Information She Has In Her Head

The Left Has Spent Years Saying Fast Food Workers Deserve More Money. Now They Say Doctors Deserve Less

Harvard Forces Sororities To Go Co-Ed, But One Has Chosen Another Option, They Shut Down

CNN Op-Ed Compares Being In The Media To Serving In The Military, Gets CRUSHED Online

Facebook under fire for blocking House GOP candidate’s campaign ad

Chairman Nunes: We Need to Declassify Carter Page FISA Docs – FBI Withheld Exculpatory Evidence From FISA Judges (VIDEO)

Coincidence? Feinstein Employed Chinese Spy For 20 Years as Her Husband Raked in Millions in Chinese Business

Despite Objections From DOJ, Federal Court Orders Justice Department to Preserve Comey’s Personal Emails

Feinstein’s Chinese Spy Identified — ‘Russell Lowe’ — Was OFFICE MANAGER Not just a Driver — Feinstein Aide for 20 YEARS!

UNFAKE THE NEWS: The Establishment Media Says Trump Changed His Story About Don Jr.’s Meeting

Sessions Stands Strong In Defense Of Terminating DACA

Gorka Reveals The Moment Historians Will Remember About Trump’s Presidency

CNN’s Own Legal Analyst Dashes Panel’s Collusion Narrative

‘Look At Me! Don’t Look Down!’ — Manafort Judge Excoriates Prosecutors In 10 Minute Courtroom Beatdown

Sean Hannity Highlights Russian Collusion Case, But Not For Donald Trump — For Adam Schiff

Wildfire Scorching California Is The Largest In State History, Over 283,000 acres

Judge Napolitano Tells Trump Team To Steer Clear Of Bob Mueller Entirely

They Can Not Be That Stupid To Believe This! Don Lemon And CNN Guest Agree: President Trump Inherited Good Economy From Obama – BUT FOR 8 YRS. OBAMA BLAMED HIS BAD ECONOMY ON BUSH


FIRST TIME EVER: Trump’s Hollywood Star Voted To Be Removed, While Spacey, Cosby Remain

VIDEO Antonio Sabato Jr: I’m An Immigrant And I Support Trump’s Wall

Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk Detail The Moment Their Breakfast Became An Assault

71 pages of heavily redacted FBI documents reveal at least 11 FBI PAYMENTS made to Brit spy Christopher Steele, FAKE dirty Trump dossier creator

EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS and PHOTOS: Hard-Leftists target Microsoft’s NYC offices — “We Won’t Be Complicit, No TECH FOR ICE”

Twitter Suspends Candace Owens — Then Says It Was ‘An Error’ After Backlash

Trump Grants California ‘Major Disaster’ Relief for Wildfires

Saudi Arabia Expels Canada’s Ambassador, Freezes Trade (See more in islamic news tab)

Wages Rise for Small Biz Workers

Left’s Demand for ‘Abolish ICE!’ Means Open Borders

Facebook, Apple Purge InfoWars for ‘Hate Speech’

VIDEO: More than a dozen arrested as protesters, counter-protesters clash in Berkeley

Antifa Members Smash Windows Of US Marine Corps Recruiting Office In Violent Berkeley Protest

2.8 Million People Drop Off Food Stamps Under Trump

Peter Fonda Encourages Voter Fraud So Democrats Can Win

Trump: Yes, That Meeting In Trump Tower Was About Getting Dirt On Hillary. So What? totally legal and done all the time

Iraqi Immigrant Accused Of Critically Wounding Colorado Cop Evaded Deportation Despite Criminal Record

HIV-positive shelter worker Levian Pacheco, sexually abused 8 immigrant boys, court docs say

U.S. teen caught smuggling millions of dollars worth of drugs into U.S.

Don’t go soft-hearted on illegals crossing our southern border

Illegal US northern border crossings up 142 percent from last yr – BUILD THE WALL!

SICK! ‘Anne Frank’ Holocaust drama recast, with illegals on run from ICE

WATCH: Acclaimed Playwright David Mamet Says ‘Economic Justice’ Is Really Just ‘Communism’

Socialist Venezuelan President Wants Trump To Help Him Control ‘Terrorists’ After Assassination Attempt

Legal Immigrant Explains Why Trump Is Right On Illegal Immigration

EXCLUSIVE: Sally Pipes On Why A Single-Payer Healthcare System Is Bad For America

Steven Seagal Appointed ‘Special Emissary’ From Russia To The United States

Man Who Threatened House GOP Had 200 Rounds Of Ammo At His Home

WATCH: Video Of President Trump Stopping Motorcade, Hopping Out To Thank Firefighters Goes Viral

WATCH: Chris Wallace Confronts John Bolton Over Trump Tweet Saying Press Is ‘Dangerous And Sick’

Trump Says NATO Allies Agreed To Pay $200B During Rough Hour Of Negotiation

New Study Confirms Barack Obama Gave DACA Protection To Thousands Of Criminals

WATCH! Young Black Conservative Turns Uppity Millennial into Stammering Mess

Domestic Abuse and Assault Charges Tarnish New Hampshire Democrat’s Career – facing bipartisan calls to resign

WATCH! Chicago Democrat: We need President Trump’s help

Despite Tough Gun Laws, Chicago Rocked by 59 Shootings in 3 Days

Donald Trump, Jr.: ‘Death of a Nation’ Documentary May Motivate People to Say ‘Enough’ to False Narratives. Dinesh D’Souza’s new documentary challenges the notion that fascism and Nazism are ideologies of the “right”

Trump’s H-1B Visa Policy Helps American Tech Workers

South Korea’s Trump Supporters Hail ‘Guardian of Liberty’

Colorado: Iraqi National, Karrar Al Khammasi, shot Colorado Springs Officer Cem Duzel in the head on Aug. 2. Duzel is in critical but stable condition (See more in islamic news tab)

Socialist Utopia Venezuela’s President Survives Assassination Attempt

WATCH! Pastor John Gray, Bishop Harry Jackson, Others Accused of ‘Uncle Tomming’ in Trump Meeting, Their Response Is Powerful

“Megachurch Pastor Claims Christians Can Support Gay Marriage Without Betraying God” NO! YOU CAN LOVE THEM, NOT SUPPORT THE SIN!

Antifa Bloodies Reporter…Fake News Will Blame Trump

WATCH! Black Veteran Scorches White Official Who Took a Knee

Google Declares Angela Merkel ‘Leader of the Free World’

GAME-CHANGER! Rasmussen Poll: Trump’s Approval Rating Among Black Voters Now 29% vs. 15% One Year Ago

US History Textbook Set To Indoctrinate Students Against Donald Trump And His Supporters

One of the most dishonest WaPo fact checks ever seeks to excuse left’s threats against Sarah Sanders

Democratic Socialists on College Campuses: 280% Increase

NAACP official to leftists: ‘Jack up’ senators who don’t oppose Trump

Epic: Jim Acosta’s whining set to music, becomes instant classic

‘Liberal Feminist Lawyer’: Democrats Should Quit ‘Unbecoming’ Attacks on Kavanaugh

Melania Trump Cites Lebron James’ Work — Would Like To Visit His School

Crybaby Jim Acosta Reportedly Feared for His Life at Trump Rally — But Video Shows Him Posing for Selfies with Trump Supporters

VIDEOS and PHOTOS: Antifa Fascists Harass Patriots at NYC “Deportee Suitcase Solidarity March,” Cops Intimidated

Cory Booker Pictured With Anti-Israel Radicals, Holds Sign Calling for Elimination of Security Borders in Israel

Massachusetts fails to ban therapy for unwanted gay attractions before August deadline

Prominent Ugandan LGBT activist renounces ‘sin’ of homosexuality

We’ve Moved Beyond The Culture Wars. Democrat Leftists Want To Destroy The US

Illegal Alien Accused Of Child Sex Abuse Bankrupts County with $1M Taxpayer-Funded Medical Bills

Judicial Watch has the documents! Obama FBI met with Clinton-DNC/Fusion GPS Dossier “author” Steele 13 times during campaign! Paid this anti-Trump foreign spy 11 times!

Trump tells attorney general to end Russia probe

Ruth Bader Ginsberg…Showing the “Infirmities of Dotage”

EVERYONE STOP THE RACISM AND HATE! Police: New York Man Attacked on Bus Just for ‘Being White’

BOOM! Sean Hannity: Tic-Toc SOMETHING BIG Is Coming That Will Blow Russia Hoax OUT OF THE WATER (VIDEO)

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy sent a letter to the Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, Greg Walden demanding Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey be called in to publicly testify on Twitter’s shadowbanning of conservatives

Watch! CNN Political Commentator Compares ICE to Slave Traders

RNC Chair Warns Donors to Avoid Koch Network

Colorado Springs police officer shot in head, critically injured in shooting, gunman also shot

U.S. gains 157,000 jobs in July; unemployment falls to 3.9%

The reason Peter Strzok wanted to keep declassification authority when he moved to Mueller team

New Jersey Democrat charged with threatening life of GOP Rep. Chris Smith

Thanks, Maxine Waters: NY man arrested for threats against GOP Reps. Scalise, Cathy McMorris-Rodgers

IRS Documents Reveal RINO McCain’s Staff Director Urged IRS to Engage in “Financially Ruinous” Targeting of Conservative Groups

‘Manafort’s Crime Is Associating With Trump’

Mueller Prosecutor Says Former Manafort Aide, Rick Gates, Thought to be Star Witness, ‘May or May Not Testify’

Washington Post unhinged: “It’s not wrong to compare Trump’s America to the Holocaust”

Rush Limbaugh: ‘If Cohen Has Any Kind Of Goods On Trump, Mueller Doesn’t Give Case Away To Southern District Of NY’

Trump Executive Order On Sanctuary Cities Ruled Unconstitutional By Fed Court

Sen. Blumenthal Just Lost His Mind — Kavanaugh Is “Get Out Of Jail Card” For Trump

Sanders Stands Up To CNN’s Acosta Who Continues To Disrespect And Play Victim

WH Press Member Trying To Slam Sarah Sanders Calls “Blacks For Trump” A Fringe Group

Obama Presidential Library Grownbreaking Gets Delayed For Another Year

NeverTrumpers Attack Falwell Jr On Twitter When He Goes After AG Sessions

GET READY AND PRAY TO GOD — The Time Is Now — The Imposters Are Preparing The Final Act in Their Coup d’état

Who Is Nicolas Kimaz? Mysteriously Running As A ‘Republican’ Hopes to Steal GOP Primary in Florida

Oops! Even Venezuelan Dictator Nicolás Maduro Now Admits Socialism Sucks

AMAZING! President Trump Surprises Rush Limbaugh to Congratulate Him on 30 Years of Broadcasting (VIDEO)

Judge Napolitano Doubles Down: Says Paul Manafort was Exonerated 8 Years Ago — May Call Rosenstein as First Witness (VIDEO)

WATCH: MSNBC Host Bans Clips of Sarah Sanders, Fans Herself, ‘That Makes Me Sweat’

WHOOPS: Maxine Waters Hit With FEC Complaint Over Fundraising Letters

Leftist Twitter Melts Down After Chris Rock Shares an Article From Conservative Outlet

Woman Enraged By Trump Bumper Sticker Intentionally Rammed Into Car, Police Say

Trump Approval Surges, Blows Past Obama’s

Ivanka Breaks Ranks With Her Dad: Media’s Not The Enemy Of The People – She Needs To Pay More Attention

Democratic Socialist: To Be Clear, Democratic Socialists Are Working To ‘Overthrow Capitalism’

Anti-Trump Agent Fought To Keep FBI Privileges Before Joining Mueller Team, Emails Show

Farrakhan Is NOT Happy About Netflix Pulling His Documentary

Illegal Immigrants Pretend To Be Father And Daughter

He Couldn’t Hand Out The Constitution. Now He’s Suing

Illegal Alien Charged With Child Sex Crimes

Father Grabs Gun to Detain Accused Naked Child Molester Threatening His Family

Democratic Socialist Groups Spreading On College Campuses Across the Country

The NY Times Hires an Apparent Racist for Their Editorial Board and That’s Totally Fine

Dak Prescott Responds With Class To Vicious Backlash Over His Anthem Protest Comments

Trump moves to roll back Obama emission standards

Most Powerful Union Leader In U.S. Says He Won’t Rule Out Supporting Trump In 2020

Suspected Foreign Trolls Pushed ‘Occupy ICE,’ Racial Grievances: Facebook Concealed Racially-Charged Trolling from Foreign Influence Report

London Crime Wave: Rapper Stabbed to Death

Politico Reporter so Sorry for Calling Trump Fans Toothless ‘Garbage People’

NY Democrat Escalates ‘Abolish ICE!’ Wants to ‘Prosecute ICE!’

Sarah Huckabee Sanders UNLOADS On CNN For Saying She Propagated A Lie, Proves She’s Right

Amazon’s Alexa Is Playing Favorites With Conservative Pundits. We love Ben Shapiro​ Too! 

Illinois Republican Lawmaker Resigns After Being Accused Of Using Nude Photos Of Ex To Catfish Men

Chris Rock Is Sick Of The ‘Insufferable Wokeness Of Comedy’ Too – Agrees and thanks God For Jerry Seinfeld

UNFAKE THE NEWS: Twitter Shadow Bans Conservatives, But Blames Their Algorithm

Democrat Sen. Ed Markey Will Hold State Department Nomination Hostage Until 3D Gun Blueprints Are Banned

Pence at honorable carry ceremony: Our boys are coming home

Watch: Pence: Returned remains a sign of progress with North Korea

Two University of VA Professors Resign After Hire Of Former Trump Admin Member

Pres. Trump To AG Sessions — You Should Stop This “Rigged Witch Hunt Right Now”

LeBron James — Trump Is Using Sports To Divide Us… Lebron needs to shut up and dribble. He makes Democrats look stupid when he talks about politics

Don Lemon Thinks Blaming The Left For Race-Baiting Is Bull****… But for the last few decades, all the problems facing blacks in the inner cities was caused by leftist policies

Pres. Trump — Thank You Rand Paul; Your Vote Means A Lot To Me

New academic consultant for Twitter’s ‘conversational health’ initiative about what you’d expect

WATCH! Twitter brings in anti-Trump academics to combat intolerance

Twitter To Conservatives: DROP DEAD!

Facebook Now Posting Liberal News Links Under Conservative News Articles IN Facebook Groups, Posting News About Democrat Candidates! Think They’re Doing The Same For Us? NOT! CHECK OUT LINKS IN ARTICLE!

The accounts masked themselves as groups dedicated to specific causes and appeared to have been designed to appeal to progressives. One page sought out women who consider themselves part of the “resistance,” and another looked to appeal to individuals interested in mindfulness. According to the NY Times, some accounts created content around the “Abolish ICE” movement

Facebook finds ‘sophisticated’ efforts to disrupt elections, names like Aztlan Warriors, Black Elevation, Mindful Being, and Resisters targeting Trump yet lame stream media blame Trump

President Trump criticized for not leading effort to secure elections