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President Trump’s Accomplishment List

Tom Arnold says he’s teaming up with Michael Cohen and ‘taking Trump down’

NEW POLL: Majority Of Americans Blame Immigrant Parents — Not The Government

From The Dossier To Papadopoulos, Obama’s State Department Had Early Role In Trump-Russia Probe

WATCH! ‘We Have To Secure Our Borders’ — Obama’s DHS Secretary Rails Against Catch And Release

Elijah Cummings in Tears Defending #ImmigrantChildren But NOTHING for Poor Black Children In Baltimore

Facebook Allows #FakeNews Photo to Raise $18 Million for Border Cause #News

Watch: Protesters Surround DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s Home

It Begins… NY Actress Democrat Candidate, wannabe Governor Calls ICE a ‘Terrorist Organization’ and Wants to Abolish It

IG Report Ignores Obama’s Use of Pseudonym Email Account to Communicate with Hillary… What Were They Hiding?

And He Still Has a Twitter Account: Peter Fonda Calls Kirstjen Nielsen a “Lying Gash” Who Should be Whipped Naked in Public

Anti-Trump FBI Attorney on Russia Probe Previously Worked For Dem Gov Chosen to Co-Chair Hillary Clinton Presidential Transition Team

Trump Campaign Official Michael Caputo HAS PROOF of Obama FBI Spying on Trump Campaign in Early 2016 (VIDEO)

US Pays for Palestinian School Books that Glorify Terrorism, Promote Extremism (SEE MORE IN ISLAMIC NEWS TAB)

Judicial Watch Obtains IRS Documents Revealing McCain’s Subcommittee Staff Director Urged IRS to Engage in “Financially Ruinous” Targeting

Police Arrest Gunman Who Shot Officer In Back During Unprovoked Ambush

A Simple Solution for Illegals and Liberals

The IG Report Should End Mueller’s Obstruction Investigation

Human Smuggler abandons 6-yr-old in blazing desert heat

Juan Williams defends Peter Fonda’s horrid tweets, refuses to call them ‘disgusting’: Just ‘poorly worded’

Unreal: Crying child on Time cover ‘never separated by border control agents’, Mom paid smuggler, Father says

Canadian TV writer threatens Donald Trump Jr.’s four-year-old daughter: ‘We’re coming for Chloe too”

National Border Patrol Council labels Peter Fonda a ‘domestic terrorist’ for vile tweets targeting the Trumps

Rush Limbaugh: Hysterical Trump-hating media is going to get someone killed

In CA, Mass, Illinois, Philly and DC, adoption agencies have been forced to shut their doors because of their conviction that children should be placed with a mother and a father

Trump rips media for ignoring Americans ‘permanently separated’ from loved ones by illegals’ crimes

Protests Erupt in Pittsburgh Over Black 17-Year-Old Shot Dead by Police Officer (VIDEOS)

Trump: 200 Remains Back From N Korea, Media’s Coverage ‘Almost Treasonous’

Under Obama: Cash Smuggled to Terrorists in Middle East from US Airport that Gave Somali Muslims Security Tours

Nationwide Manhunt For Man Who Threatened To Kill President Trump

Trump Has Another Plan For Countries Abusing The Immigration System

Occupy Wall Street Gives Detailed Instructions on How to “Deal With” ICE Agents

Ted Cruz Demands Investigation Into Taxpayer-Funded Global Warming ‘Advocacy’

Donald Trump Jr To Sony: Will You Give Peter Fonda The Roseanne Treatment?

Flashback: Obama Sued By Illegal Immigrant’s Family For Wrongful Death In Detention Center

MUST WATCH: Border Patrol Agent Sets The Record Straight On CNN, Embarrasses Host

ABC Apologizes For #FakeNews TV Graphic Declaring Manafort Pleaded Guilty to Manslaughter

Kamala Harris And ALL Democrats are Completely Flipping their Position On Illegal Alien Detention

WATCH: Democrat Admits She Didn’t Really Care About Family Separation Under Obama

Democrat Volunteer Threatens To Kill Republican Reps’ Kids Over ‘Zero Tolerance’ Immigration Policy, Report Says

Melania Trump contacted Secret Service after Peter Fonda tweets

Peter Fonda tweets he wants to ‘rip Barron Trump from his mother’ and put him in a ‘cage with pedophiles’

TRUTH: “The vast majority, vast, vast majority of children who are in the care of HHS right now — 10,000 of the 12,000 were sent here alone by their parents”

Of Course: The Anti-Cop Activist who created a massive database of personal info on ICE Agents Is A Professor At NYU

Ultra-Liberal, Left-Wing Catholic Cardinal Removed After Credible Accusation Of Sexual Abuse

Trump Opponents Keep Comparing Trump Immigration Policy To Nazi Policy. Read A Damn Book, You Idiots: By Ben Shapiro​

Ben Shapiro Radio – The Immigration Wars Heat Up: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW (FULL Video)

Technological control of our world – how far could it go? And who’s at the top?

‘Foreign Actors’ Accessed Hillary Clinton Emails, Documents Show

IG Report Questions Why FBI Did Not Investigate Huma Abedin’s Emails During Hillary Probe

13 Facts the Media ‘Pros’ Don’t Want You to Know About ‘Family Border Separation’

Trump signs executive order stopping family separation. Orders DOJ to challenge Flores Settlement that he says forced separations

Schumer Says He’d Rather ‘Keep The Focus On Trump’ Than Solve Border Problems

REPORT: Antifa Spreads Identities Of ICE Agents

Satellite Images Reveal Russia Upgrading Nuclear Bomb Storage At Kaliningrad

The Bad Hate the Good: SPLC vs. Prager University

Jeff Sessions: We Don’t Want to Separate Parents From Kids

The Illegal Immigration Charade Has Gone On for Too Long

Mike Pompeo and Nikki Haley Announce U.S. Withdrawal From U.N. Human Rights Council, Citing Anti-Israel Bias

Report: Democrat Diane Feinstein’s Immigration Bill Would Prevent Almost Every Federal Arrest

Media Admit: Goal to Replace Trump Voters with illegal aliens

Sessions, Congress float DNA Tests to Verify Immigrant Families

ICE Leader: Ryan’s Immigration Bill Another ‘Gang of 8’ Debacle

WATCH – Activists Shouting ‘No Borders! No Walls!’ Harass DHS Sec. Nielsen at Restaurant

Lawyer confirms Peter Strzok escorted from FBI building; Goodlatte says subpoena on the way

Video: Woman believed to be congressional intern yells ‘f*** you!’ at Trump across Capital Rotunda

Updated: Occupy Wall Street advocates murdering ICE agents on Twitter, social media site does nothing

DID YOU KNOW? Border officials say they have discretion to let migrant children under 5 remain with parent

Meanwhile, illegal from Honduras charged with killing two women

McCabe didn’t get immunity, so he took the Fifth; Loretta Lynch, Comey are no-shows at Senate judiciary hearing

Being Transgender No Longer A Mental Disorder, But Playing Video Games Is, World Health Organization Says

Trump presses for wall funding in DHS spending bill

13 Facts the Media ‘Pros’ Don’t Want You to Know About ‘Family Border Separation’

VIDEO: Federal judge tosses Kansas voter ID law, orders state’s top prosecutor to undergo legal training

Tucker Exposes ‘Ruling Class’ Behind Border Policy Uproar: ‘Their Goal Is To Change Your Country Forever’ VIDEO

Emails Suggest EPA Officials Colluded With Lobbyists To Thwart Trump’s Agenda

Berkeley Jury finds Antifa NOT GUILTY of Violent Beating of Trump Supporter — Despite Multiple Witnesses!

Unhinged Democrat Releases Dumpster Fire Ad: Perfectly Depicts Dem Party in One 40 Second Clip (VIDEO)

Trump Directs Pentagon to Create ‘Space Force,’ After Obama Gutted NASA for ‘Feel Good’ Muslim Outreach Project (VIDEO)

DISGRACEFUL! AWOL Sessions Says He Will Let Rosenstein Continue to Oversee Mueller Witch Hunt Despite Conflicts (VIDEO)

MUST READ: Mueller’s Bumbling and Hysterical Special Counsel Team Is Getting Pummeled in Court – Media Is Ignoring All of This

South Korea says it’s coming ‘soon’ on deal with Kim Jong-un

Trump threatens China with additional tariffs

GALLUP: Trump’s Approval Matches His Highest Ever

WATCH! Principal who sparked backlash for inviting anti-police extremist to ‘Career Day’ suddenly retires

World Health Organization: Video Games Addictive Like Crack

Ben Shapiro Radio: Is Trump Tearing Children From Their Parents? Full Video

WATCH: Sarah Sanders Torches Laura Bush For Attacking Trump Admin On Child Separation Issue

Leftists Claim Wounded Vet Working For ICE Has Nazi Tattoo. Then ICE Blisters Them.

Berkeley City Council Calls For ‘Humane Population Control’

Illegal immigrants kidnapping children to sneak into U.S. as ‘family units,’ feds say


SPLC Settles Lawsuit: Admits Falsely Labeling Muslim Fighting Extremism As Hater (See more in islamic news tab)

Rasmussen: Half oppose ‘sanctuary’ status as alien criminals allowed to stay

WA Walmart gunman identified; armed citizen hailed as ‘hero’

The Truth About That “Separating Families” Issue

Leftists triggered after Laura Ingraham refers to child detention centers as essentially summer camps

‘Anti-racism educator’ Tim Wise calls for destruction of America to hurt Trump

Hypocrisy: Laura Bush compares Trump’s policies to Japanese internment camps, said nothing during Obama yrs.

Kathy Griffin to Melania Trump: ‘F*** you… You feckless piece of…

DHS: 13 percent of DACA recipients had arrest record

Horowitz, FBI boss Christopher Wray face Senate grilling on bombshell report

RINO Laura Bush rips into Trump for FAKE ‘cruel,’ ‘immoral’ child separations

REAL Inside look at California shelter for migrant children (Video)

Tourists SHOCKED! Met with needles, feces on streets of Democrat San Francisco

CDC: Kellogg’s cereal source of 31-state salmonella outbreak

Even the New York Times CEO is upset about social media censorship

BOMBSHELL: DOJ Official Tips Off Podesta, Wanted Hillary Job for Son

Free Heroin For Junkies? Seattle Explores Public Funding For Druggies

President Trump on Leaker James Comey: They Seem Like Criminal Acts to Me. What He Did Was Criminal (VIDEO)

Hannity and Levin VIDEO: President Trump unloads on Comey, ‘scum on top’ of FBI a day after damning IG report’s release #God #MAGA

Trump will impose tariffs on $50 billion of Chinese goods, prepared to retaliate if needed

Teacher: I Was Forced To Resign Because I Won’t Pretend Boys Can Be Girls

Congressman: Why Does Anti-Trump Peter Strzok Still Have A Job At The FBI?

Book Review: Sheila Gunn Reid Takes On Radical Global Warming Activist David Suzuki

Justice Department IG Recommends Investigation Of 5 FBI Agents For Anti-Trump Bias

Florida man arrested in Facebook threat: ‘5 likes and I’ll go shoot up Disney’


President Trump on His Birthday Wish: “All I Want Is For America to Be Successful” (VIDEO)

HUGE=> IG Report Reveals Peter Strzok Text Messaged “We’ll Stop” Trump From Becoming President

‘We’re teaching children lies’: Hollywood actress takes on public education, evolution, and marriage

‘CREEPER ACT’: Congress To Ban Child Sex Robots

Ten Hours of Videos show Vegas police helping people duck, escape gunfire and more

Attorney General Jeff Sessions outlined a new effort by the Trump administration to prioritize protecting religious freedoms #God #MAGA

Pompeo: NKorea Must Denuclearize Before ‘Relief From the Sanctions’

ARE YOUR CHILDREN WATCHING THIS? Freeform Dramedy Delivers More Explicit Sex and Liberal Agenda Lectures for Teens

Fmr. Democrat Senator: Dems Should Be Trump’s ‘Loyal Opposition,’ ‘Not MSNBC’

Sarah Sanders Debunks Report She’s Leaving White House

Nikki Haley Calls Out The UN For ‘Attacking Israel For Sport’ And Ignoring Real Issues [Video]

Paul Ryan’s Amnesty Bill Leaked And If True It’s REALLY Bad

Public University Tells Parents To Let Their Small Children “Experiment”

Activists Spread ANOTHER #FakeNews Shocking Photo Of Immigrant Child In Cage. There’s Just 1 Problem.

YES! DOJ Arrests 2,300 Alleged Child Pornographers And Sex Traffickers

WATCH: Leftist Activists Storm Republican Lawmaker’s Offices For ‘Die-In’

MSNBC Host Implies Jim Jordan Isn’t ‘Christian’ If He Doesn’t Support Liberal Immigration Policies

EXCLUSIVE: New USCIS Office Estimates THOUSANDS Obtained US Citizenship Through Identity Fraud

California Could Become Three Separate States In November — It Will Be On The Ballot!

Twitter shuts down Outspoken Conservative C.J. Pearson after claiming he’s 13 yrs old, He’s Actually 15

Liberal hatemongers celebrate Kudlow heart attack, wish for death

Nancy Pelosi Trashes Trump over North Korea Summit, But Called Iran Deal ‘Diplomatic Masterpiece,’ Held Talks with Butcher Assad

Food Stamp Enrollment Dips to Lowest Level in 8 Years

Democrats Turn to Hollywood to Win Over Voters

VIDEO: Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda fueling economic boom

VIDEO: Longtime dairy farmer backs Trump’s free trade fight

House Dems Buck Schumer on North Korea, Send Trump Letter of Support

Trump: At Least We’re Not Paying N Korea $150B Like Iran

Paul Ryan Schedules Amnesty Votes Next Week

Primary Night: MAGA Candidates Win Big! Here’s the List

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy: Conservatives Will Not Be Silent About Online Censorship

Republicans push for House vote to force DOJ to release documents on Trump investigation

2 Pa. cops shot responding to report of child abduction

Border Patrol agent shot in Arizona

VIDEO: Today Mike Pompeo Slammed NY Times #FakeNews Before Trump And Kim Jong Un Meeting

House Intel Chairman Nunes Gives DOJ Until Tuesday to Hand Over Documents on FBI’s Trump Campaign Spy

‘F*** Trump!’ Robert DeNiro Curses President at Tony Awards as Trump Tries to Prevent Nuclear War

‘Con-Artist Son of a Bitch’ – UNHINGED ROBERT DeNIRO Blasts Trump in Profane-Laced Speech to High School Students

Angela Merkel’s G7 Photo Went Viral. Here’s The Photo She Didn’t Share

Blue State Utopia: Junkies and Water Rationing

Politician Sworn In on The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Immunity for McCabe? Let the Canary Sing

Op-ed: As Gas Prices Rise Democrats See Possibilities

GOP Plummets in Generic Poll as Donors, Ryan Push Amnesty

Trump to Macron: E.U. ‘Worse than China’ on Tariffs

Abbas Adviser: Jews Have No Claim to Jerusalem

Trump Calls G-7’s ‘Free Trade’ Bluff

Indianapolis: Customer asked to leave restaurant because of cross necklace

Milwaukee: Salvation Army supports police in mourning after officer’s death pursuing a reckless vehicle

Officer’s murder highlights Baltimore’s truancy problems

Suspect struck a New Jersey police officer with a sport utility vehicle and tried to run down another before officers shot and killed her

Florida police officer shot, 4 children held hostage, officials say

WATCH: Netanyahu Makes Extraordinary Offer To Iranian People

Anti-Israel Ellison’s Possible Replacement? Another Israel-Hater

HUH??? Rob Reiner Claims Donald Trump Is The First President ‘Supported By The Mainstream Media’

Sen. Graham ‘Not So Sure Most Americans’ Favor Free Trade, But Pew Suggests Otherwise

Corrupt Democratic Parties Accused of Funneling $84M into Clinton Campaign

‘It’s All The Polite Presidents Who’ve Gotten Us Into This Mess, Maybe We Need An Impolite President To Try To Switch Things Up’

$3 Billion Payoff: 101 Utilities Companies Cut Customer Rates, Credit Goes To Trump Republican Tax Cuts

‘Are You Gay Allies?’: Creepy Government Video Indoctrinates Children for Pride Month

Some Needed Perspective on the ‘No Gays Allowed’ Viral Story Meant to Smear Christians

Networks Ignore Report Obama Administration Gave Iran Access to US Financial System

ICE to send 1,600 immigration violators to federal prisons

Former Senate staffer indicted; Feds seize ‘N.Y. Times’ reporter’s phone, email records in leak probe

Former Senate Intel panel security director, indicted for allegedly lying to FBI

Dr. Ben Carson Calls on Struggling Communities to Reject Division

Illegal immigrant children on border quadrupled in May

‘Human rights disaster’: China’s persecution of Christians at highest level since Mao

WATCH VIDEO! Securing our border should be priority

Blue DEMOCRAT districts have more income inequality than red republican ones

RASMUSSEN POLL: Voters Think Young Blacks Doing Better Under Trump Than Obama

Busted: Obama Gave Iran Secret Access to U.S. Financial System

Grassley Sends Letter to Christopher Wray Demanding Unredacted Version of FBI’s “Confidential Human Source” Policy Guide

STUNNING: AWOL Attorney General Jeff Sessions REFUSES to Bring Charges Against Pakistani Awan Brothers (VIDEO)

Rep. Matt Gaetz DROPS BOMB on Paul Ryan: Today Was the First Time I Heard Lawmakers Call for Removing Speaker Ryan (VIDEO)

GSA General Counsel Gave All of Trump Transition Team Communications to Mueller – Then He Died

NY Gov Cuomo Wants Teachers to Have Authority to Take Guns From Homes of Troubled Students

Alice Johnson Released From Prison – “Thank You President Donald John Trump, HALLELUJAH!” (VIDEO)

Inspector general report says Comey ‘insubordinate,’ raps Loretta Lynch for Clinton server probe

New Law in CA Makes it Illegal to Shower and Do Laundry on Same Day

American Job Openings Now Outnumber the Jobless

California Considers Expanding State Medicare to Include Illegal Aliens

McCabe Seeks Immunity for Senate Testimony on Hillary

8 Reasons to Still Hate Obamacare

CEO Announced Every McDonald’s In U.S. Will Have Self-Order Kiosks By 2020. Thanks FightFor15

Contractor Wanted For Attempted Murder Had White House Pass; Arrested At White House

CNN Analyst Gets Called Out By CNN For Spreading Epic Fake News

A MUST WATCH! YouTuber Reads Quotes To People On The Street, Then Asks: ‘Trump Or Democrat?’

SHOCK REPORT: Chicago Public Schools Had More Than 500 Incidents Of ‘Sexual Misconduct,’ 100 Involving An Adult

WATCH: Sarah Sanders Destroys Philadelphia Eagles Over ‘Political Stunt’

Social Security, Medicare To Go Bust Sooner Than Expected

TV Director To Adapt Colin Kaepernick’s High School Experience Into TV Series

Democratic Congressional Candidate Is In Deep Trouble For Some Of Her Claims

Trump Tweets Potential Bombshell, Comey’s Former Assistant Freaks Out

WATCH: Sarah Sanders Slams April Ryan During Press Briefing

Woman On NYC Subway Verbally And Physically Attacks Asian Woman: ‘This Ain’t Your Country!’

SCOTUS Gay Wedding Cake Decision Did Nothing To Protect Religious Freedom But Of Unjust Govt Discrimination

Hindu Group Calls for Forceful Expulsion of Christians from India

Federal Judge Opens Floodgate for Class Action Suits Against Facebook

Federal Judge Opens Floodgate for Class Action Suits Against Facebook

McConnell cancels Senate’s August recess

Dem Leaders Embrace Pay-Go: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

INSANE! CA City Plans To End Poverty with Universal Cash Payments of 500 A Month To All City Residents

From April: Andrew Yang, running for president in 2020 wants to give everyone $1,000 a month in free cash – NOTHING IS FREE TAX PAYERS PAY FOR IT!

Six takeaways from 2018’s Super Tuesday

Fox News apologizes for implying Eagles players knelt during national anthem

WATCH! Chris Matthews: There Is So Much Elitism in the Democrat Party, ‘It’s Outrageous’. MSNBC Host Said He Is Rooting Against Democrats

‘JEWISH JIHADISTS’: Joy Reid’s Blog Published Posts Blaming Jews For Terrorism

Shapiro On Fox: Democrat Senator Pulled ‘Ridiculous Stunt’ Trying To Enter Immigrant Detention Center

Too brown to win? That’s what Democrats actually told one of their own candidates

It’s Media Integrity That’s Missing in Action, not Melania

WATCH! After Supreme Court Victory, Christian Baker Hopes To Reenter Wedding Business

Trump’s N. Korea Strategy Is Terrifying Iran

First Lady Hosts Gold Star Families, Reminds Americans of the Military’s ‘Selfless Sacrifices’ for Freedom

Michigan State University Health Physicist Charged with Bestiality

Senate Releases Unredacted Strzok-Page Texts Showing FBI Initiated MULTIPLE SPIES in Trump Campaign in December 2015

Wasserman Schultz Assisted Imran Awan with Land Deal – Screamed “F*cking Islamophobe!” at House Official Investigating Her Dear Imran

Facebook Warns Users: Gateway Pundit and Breitbart are ‘Far Right’ Websites

Clinton Accusers Respond To Bill’s Non-Apology To Monica Lewinsky

Videos: Antifa terrorists attack Patriot Prayer rally in Portland

Donald Trump Jr. Torches Bill Clinton For Suggesting He’s A Victim Of Lewinsky Scandal

Women’s March Leader Says Israel Doesn’t Have Right to Exist

This is Just How Ridiculously Strong Trump’s Economy Is

Facebook Gave Device Makers Deep Access to Data on Users and Friends

CA Farmer was charged with 12 felony weapons offenses after trying to comply with a new law after trying to register his guns

Video Claims Cops Strangled Unarmed Man, Then Bodycam Is Released With Truth

Fired Cop’s Family Ready To Sue News Sites Spreading Lies About Incident

‘Anti-Violence’ School Dean Shoots Student In Head For Not Selling Enough Weed

Hey Hypocrite Samantha Bee, What About #MeToo? The Women’s March And Strong Women Uniting?

RNC Chair: We Want Assurances From Facebook, Twitter That They Won’t Suppress Conservatives

Trump Fires Back At Dems For ‘Rooting Against’ North Korea Summit

Valerie Jarrett Must Explain Her Clinton Foundation Cover-Ups

Thanks To Democrat  Terry McAuliffe, Convicted felon and admitted pro-incest, pro-rape pedophile running for congress

Google labels Trump-supporting GOP state senator a ‘bigot’

Trump-supporting Twitter user says HuffPost writer cost husband job, put family in danger

Unhinged Maxine Waters threatens American voters: ‘Resist’ Trump or ‘go down with him

President Trump Declares “Fake News CNN Is Dead” After More Failing Ratings

Glock Toting Granny Stands Up To Drug Pushers After They Threaten Her!

This College’s White Enrollments Tank After Being Banned To Attend Classes

ABC Floating Idea Of Continuing Roseanne Show Centered Around Liberal Daughter And Her Son Who Wears Girls Clothes

Hannity — Joy Reid Should Not Be Fired For Latest Blog Revelations. Wayne Dupree Says: “Replace her with someone willing to be a real journalist”

Pelosi “Player Hates” On Excellent Job Numbers — Good Employment Numbers Don’t Matter

Once Again After Old Controversial Blog Post Found, Joy Reid Apologizes and MSNBC Defends

Samantha Bee Show Loses Two Sponsors — State Farm, AutoTrader

Daddy Died Serving Country In Afghanistan So Unit Does Photoshoot In Honor With Newborn

Samantha Bee Apologizes For Calling Ivanka A “C***”; TBS Pulls Show From YouTube

8-Yr-Old Pleads With Mom To Help Elderly Woman Up The Steps!




DISGUSTING: Samantha Bee brutally attacks Ivanka Trump over photo…sends Glenn Beck into a Twitter RANT!

VIDEO Tucker: Roseanne Uproar Shows Democrat Libs Lve In Hypocrisyland

VIDEO Hannity: The liberal double standard

Elizabeth Warren Praises Communist China Over North Korean Strategy

Social Security pays benefits to hundreds of dead people. Checks still being cashed for people who died 17 yrs ago, costing 20 Million

Child’s question on school shootings chokes up Sanders

WATCH VIDEO: Sanders calls for ABC apology to Trump, says ‘no one is defending’ Roseanne

Trump signs ‘Right to Try,’ says it will save ‘tremendous number of lives’

Tennessee deputy found shot dead in patrol car, manhunt underway

Seven men arrested after reports of touching young girls at Roseville water park. Their names: Gursharanpal Banga, 34, Manpreet Dhillon, 26, Lakhveer Gill, 30, Baljinder Khaira, 38, Balwinder Malhi, 32, Dharampal Singh, 21, and Harpreet Talwar, 18

Progressive Super PAC Rallies Democrats to Impeach Pence

How the DEA’s newest division is fighting the drug epidemic. Meth, heroin, and other drugs all flow through one common point: Mexico

Facebook Cofounder’s Wife Bankrolls BLM Activist Shaun King’s PAC