“In The Twinkling Of An Eye”: A Glimpse Of The Rapture

By: Liza Catron

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“In The Twinkling Of An Eye”:

A glimpse of the rapture

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“In the Twinkling of an Eye”

A glimpse of the rapture


In August of 2010 I lost a very dear friend to suicide. The death of this friend totally and

completely devastated me. For months I had spent hours on the phone with him; listening to

his problems and trying to encourage him wherever and whenever I could. We talked about

his problems, his cares and concerns; we read and discussed various scriptures together and

often discussed the fact that we felt sustained solely by our faith.


Then one evening, after not being able to reach him, I learned via a very public forum, that

my friend had been found dead in his home. I couldn’t believe it, it simply wasn’t possible.

The talk was suicide. There was no way on earth that my friend would have done such a

thing. Conversations with various people over the next few weeks would show me just how

severely depressed my friend was and the loss would show me how small I was in the big

picture; and how no matter how hard I tried, I could not save him.


In September 2010 I was in such great distress with things that were going on in my life. I was

being torn apart with personal family issues that were driving me crazy. Some were so

overwhelming that I felt that things were simply impossible. Was my faith going to be tested

as well? Having had a falling-out with family members I felt alone in the world with the

exception of my children and husband. Although they were my life, the familial issues

seemed to be so vast I began to think about my friend in another way. I never felt like

suicide was an option but I began to see why he had chosen that path, I actually understood

his choice. Sometimes when we are so very overwhelmed we tend to forget that the One that

can help us with everything is as close as the skin on our own bodies; and yet sometimes we

just cannot see Him.


When one accepts Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and begins to walk in the Word of God,

we are like a newborn baby; one that can only partake of sustenance via suckle. As we grow

in the Word and Teachings of God, we begin to partake of a diet of mush, and then very

softened vegetables, and then a little consistency is added and then a little more and a little

more until we begin to partake of ‘adult’ food. As we continue to feed on this sustenance

(The Bible) we continue to grow in the Word of God. If we fail to partake of the necessary

sustenance to survive it will not be long before we find that we begin to suffer malnutrition.

For instance, failure to include vitamin ‘c’ in our diets causes a disease known as scurvy,

failure to include vitamin ‘d’ causes rickets, and each vitamin known to us has a beneficial

quality that causes each of us to include that particular vitamin in our diet or suffer the

consequences. The same, yet opposite, is done with the things we know are not healthy for

us; as adults we begin to cut them out of our diets.


However, if we partake of God’s Word and incorporate it’s teaching into our lives in every

aspect of our day, we begin to grow in the same fashion as a newborn baby. We are born as

newborns, become toddlers, grammar, junior high, high school, college students and then

adults. With each stage of our growth more is given of our Heavenly Father to feed our

earthly bodies so that we not only grow in His word but are able to tell others of the amazing

and glorious gifts of our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ.


God blesses each and every one of us individually and with specialized gifts, designed and

created just for us. Some of us are piano players, some teachers, others preachers. Some of

us fight the gifts of our Lord so hard for so long that we deprive ourselves of blessings that

God has for us for many years. Sometimes we learn without stern discipline and begin to

grow with leaps and bounds in the Word of God; sometimes God has to slap us upside the

head to make us wake up and realize that something He has laid on our hearts is no longer a

request, but as a Christian, becomes more of a demand/commandment. If we listen and

embrace his gift we continue to grow, if we refuse to listen we find out that slap can cause

quite the heartache.


Thus my story …

I had been praying for quite some time that God take control of my life and help me not only

walk in His Word but to make sure that I lived by it every day. This was a difficult prayer, but

it was even harder to accomplish because I am a very independent and hard-headed person, a



Every Christian mentor that had touched my life has always told me that I had to ‘give it to

God’. I argued with them constantly that I had done just that, and then one of them came

back with a comment that really hit me hard. “If you gave it to God, why do you keep taking

it back and letting it worry you”?


Good question! NO! GREAT question! Why did I seem to be doing that? Was that why I felt

sometimes as though God hated me? I simply must have done something in my life, sometime

that angered Him so severely that He had simply given up on me and no longer cared whether

or not I learned, grew, and I even felt God had abandoned me completely. Then one day

something happened that would change my life forever!


No matter how abandoned I felt I always continued to read my Bible and pray because I had

been taught as a child that if you accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior that absolutely

no one could ever take you from Him. I wasn’t sure God heard me anymore but I wasn’t

about to stop praying that He would. I remember thinking one day in particular; I know how

my friend felt now when he took his own life; I understand how desperate he must have felt

now. Would anyone even care or miss me if I were not here any longer? Had I obeyed the

Word of God and left a legacy that would glorify God? I wasn’t sure!


I sat down on my bed ready to go to sleep that night with my mind working over-time in total

and complete turmoil.


The next thing I remember I was standing outside. I remember hearing a sound so loud that it

seemed to rattle my brain, but oh it was so gloriously beautiful. It was amazing and I

remember thinking it sounded like a trumpet. Before I could contemplate that thought, I

stood in shock and unequaled awe; I looked skyward saw the heavens split and my precious

Lord step through the sky. In an instant I saw people around me being snatched away and

rising into the air to join Jesus in the sky.


I watched as a baby was snatched from the arms of its mother, and the anguish and despair

on her face as she realized the density of the occurrence. The torment of the revelation was

streaming down her cheeks. I saw a bridegroom as he began to step across a threshold with

his new bride when she was snatched from his grasp. He fell forward into the room

desperately struggled to stand in search of the love of his life. I saw a woman lean forward to

kiss her beloved soul-mate, close her eyes and fall into the chair where he once sat in front of

her. When she stood to realize he was gone, the fear on her face was so horrible the sobs

racked her entire body.


I saw a teenager hand in hand with her beau as she told him she had received Jesus Christ as

her Lord and Savior; and as he mocked her wrenching her had out of his, she vanished before

his very eyes. He was terrified as he realized the trumpet of the Lord was sounding as she

had just explained to him as the rapture, and then the recognition that he was not going with

her, and that he would not have another chance, there would not be the opportunity to

change his mind now. It was done, he had chosen the way of the world instead of the way of

Jesus. He had been taken to church his entire life; he was aware of the rapture, he had just

chosen the fun over forever.


As I saw wives taken from husbands and husbands from wives; children taken from a parents

arms or a parents hand go empty as a youngster was spirited away before their very eyes; I

saw admiration in the faces of those taken and I saw fear, terror and dismay in the faces of

those left.


All of these instances and more I saw as if with one eye while the other remained on my Lord.

I stood with my arms outstretched in anxious agony awaiting my turn to be caught up with my

Lord and whisked away to heaven. I remember the awe of the beauty as the sky split, the

light so bright, the glory surrounding my Lord as He stood and gathered His faithful servants.

In an instant it came to my mind that as a mother I had often made the statement to others

that there is absolutely nothing more beautiful in the world as the face of your newborn child

when placed in your arms after they are born. The red, smooshed face, the wrinkled skin,

and the screaming sound of a healthy set of lungs; simply the absolute most beautiful sight

and sound in the world to a new mother. I can remember telling so many people that natural

childbirth was the way to go and that no matter how badly it hurt, that all recollection of the

pain would simply vanish at the sight of the child. My entire adult life this was considered the

most beautiful thing I could ever think of.



That night God let me see the most beautiful sight in the world, but instead of letting me

partake of this glorious occasion He gave me a message.


As I recalled the beauty of the sky as it split to the East, the unfathomable beauty of my

Lord’s face, the overwhelming glow from the brightness of the lights of the heavens, and felt

the unquestionable pull of my heart, nay my entire being to the scene before my eyes; I

watched my Lord gather His faithful and awaited my turn to be ‘captured up’. Then Jesus

began to depart back into the heavens. I yelled, “Wait! Lord, I am waiting, I am here, can

you not see me?” God, please, I have accepted you into my heart, I have tried so hard to live

by your word, I don’t understand. The Bible says that if I confess my sins and ask Jesus into

my heart, and I mean it, that the Holy Spirit will come into my heart and give me the gift of

eternal life. I fell to my knees and began to scream.


God I don’t understand, what did I miss? In an instant I heard God speak to me… “How many

people do you come into contact with everyday? Have you told them of my love? Have you

shared my Son with them? Have you told them that Jesus is the ONLY way they can enter

heaven? Have you been a Godly example to those around you? How many of the people you

come into contact with daily will I require of their blood upon your hands?” “You are indeed

saved my child, but do you see how they will feel on that day soon to come? I have given you

this vision and a job to do, go forth and tell everyone you meet of that I have shown you and

that I will return VERY soon to claim my children.“


When this conversation was over I realized that I was still sitting on the side of my bed, I had

never even lain down it wasn’t a dream. What I had just seen couldn’t be a dream, I was still

awake. I realized I have now truly seen the most beautiful sight in the universe, I have seen

the face of Jesus and I know there is nothing more beautiful. I am ready Lord, I know that I

am going to share heavens glory with you as a child of God; but Lord I will share you with

those I meet. I don’t want anyone to know the utter fear and panic I felt that night, nor the

trepidation I saw on the faces of those absent from the ascension.


Are you saved? Have you accepted Christ Jesus as your personal Savior? Salvation is FREE; it

is a gift and Jesus has already paid the price for your gift; you don’t have to do anything

except ACCEPT the gift. Jesus Christ died on the cross for YOU! It doesn’t matter what you

have done in the past, GOD LOVES YOU!


The Bible teaches in: Romans 3:23 – For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

He offers us a way out in Romans 6:23 – For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is

eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

God sent us Jesus: John 3:16 – For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,

that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

DON’T HESITATE. The prayer is simple…

Dear Lord I confess that I am a sinner and I cannot make it to heaven without Jesus. I accept

Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and I ask Him to come into my heart and give me eternal



YES! It is that simple. God is waiting to hear from YOU. Are you ready now? Jesus has

already paid the price, he has already bought the gift, and he is offering it to you now. Are

you willing to accept the most precious gift that you ever offered; the gift of Eternal Life?

Join me on that day when my Lord comes to take me home, I want to see you there; rising

from the earth into the air to be whisked away to spend eternity at the knee of God.

Please don’t wait, it could be today…

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