Islamic News

List of Killings in the Name of Islam: Last 30 Days

Are Islamic Migrants the same as all other immigrants? NO

Prayers For Green Beret Killed In Afghanistan

At least 17 soldiers dead as Afghan army base overrun by Taliban

New Mexico compound judge who is a democrat has history of issuing low bail to violent offenders

Remarkable Video and Ground Report of New Mexico ‘Known Wolf’ Terror Camp from NBC

Horrifying details in investigation of devout Muslim compound conducting school-shooting training, defendants still freed on bail

The United Nations Shares the Blame for Hamas’ Bloodshed

UK MP needs police security for saying “Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls”

WATCH VIDEO: Chilling footage of rush-hour UK terror attack shows car intentionally mowing down at least 10 cyclists at 50mph

Netanyahu Blasts Corbyn for Honoring Munich Massacre Terrorists

Report: Smuggling of Aliens From Terrorism-Prone Nations Across the Southern Border Should Be Part of the Immigration Debate

Sharia New Mexico: Islamic compound jihadis RELEASED on 20,000 bond after charges of “Islamophobia” and “racism” (Islam is not a race)

Britain Suffers 15 Acid Attacks a Week, Most Taking Place in London

Trump On a Roll: Turkey Dollar (Lira) Tanks: ‘They Have the Dollar, We Have Allah’

Notre Dame holy water POISONING fears as churchgoers taken ill

Pamela Geller to Speak at Eagle Council in St. Louis, Missouri: Meet #MAGA Leaders Before Mid-Terms

New British Police Boss: ‘We Are Failing the Public… And They Are Going to Suffer More And More’

“They want to turn Israel into ‘Palestine,’” Netanyahu says after Muslim Israeli nation-state law protest

UK: Judge Says Parents Linked to Jihad Terror Group Can Keep Kids

France: GapKids ad features little girl wearing hijab

US suspends military training program for Pakistan

Iran Sentences Couple for ‘Orientation Toward the Land of Christianity’

Ballot Box Jihad

The Palestinian Authority has made payments totaling close to $300,000 to terrorists involved in the planning and execution of a horrific terrorist attack and their families

Afghanistan’s Ghazni attack: 70 policemen killed in three days

Jeremy Corbyn admits being present at wreath-laying for Munich terrorists but says ‘I don’t think I was actually involved in it’

Global Terror Attacks Drop in 2017 But ISIS Remains Deadliest (Report)

Egypt police arrest six over failed church attack

Report: After Assad Reportedly Gassed 1,000, Obama Didn’t Answer British Request For Response For THREE DAYS

Muslim “refugee” couple arrested in Tucson, AZ on terror charges and immigration fraud

Democrat hater Ocasio-Cortez endorses Ilhan Omar of “may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel” infamy

Democratic Congressman and DNC Chair Keith Ellison (AKA Hakim Muhammad) violently BEAT girlfriend

Michigan: Muslim Democrat Rashida Tlaib Celebrates Primary Win with Anti-Semitic Tweets

Europe: Muslim migrants commit wave of terrible sex crimes, mainstream media still silent, Merkel hails ‘European solution’

My Breach with Islam by Amil Imani

Muslim Cleric: On Judgment Day, the Muslims Will Kill the Jews, the ‘Brothers of Apes and Pigs’

Muslim running jihad terror training camp in New Mexico is polygamist, has two wives

Australians told to lock their doors as Muslim migrants rampage, police make no arrests

Muslim convert pleads GUILTY: Plot to kill 100 people at Disney store, other targeted sites include “Madame Tussauds,” “Oxford Street – busiest time…” “St Paul’s Cathedral”

CAIR’s Latest Press Conference Showcases Its Muslim Brotherhood Ties

USA Today shills for Sharia: “American Muslim women don’t need you to save them from Islam”

Britain’s possible PM pick, Jeremy Corbyn attends event to honor Munich Olympic jihad terrorists

How the “Palestinians” Were Invented

TRIPLE MURDER: Spurned Muslim sets fire to 19-yr-old Hindu mother, INFANT daughter, grandmother, all BURNED ALIVE

Chicago: ISIS Jihadi Quietly Released after FBI Intervention Surfaces in Minimum Security Jail

France: Muslims murder man for trying to rescue his friends who were being attacked

Former Dutch MP commits suicide — was gang-raped by Muslims who asked her, “Do you respect Allah?”

UK: Muslim migrant who savagely raped 17-year-old virgin had history of sex attacks

UK: Muslim “refugee” throws boiling water over his gay roommate, saying “IN MY COUNTRY WE DO NOT ALLOW YOU,” jailed for 17 months of prison dawah

Islamic compound leader on radar of counterterror officials for 13 yrs on suspicion of jihad activity

Italian Soldiers Forced to Intervene as Muslim Migrants Brawl on Naples, Italy Streets

Singer and actress is ‘shot dead’ by her Muslim husband In yet another act of honor violence against female artists in Pakistan

AP Jihad Propaganda: Islamic “Compound incident called anti-Muslim propaganda”

Texas: Muslim migrant who honor-murdered daughter’s husband also praised 9/11, murdered ANOTHER daughter’s husband

“Palestinian” “reporter” takes random baby photo from Instagram, claims baby was killed by Israel

Canada mosque loses charity status for promoting ‘hate and intolerance’

More Than 700,000 Foreign Nationals Overstayed Visas in 2017, DHS Says

Trump Wins Again: Germany’s Central Bank Stops $400 Million Cash Delivery to Iran

Sharia Norway: Israeli volunteers detained, questioned in SHOCKING airport ordeal, sent to a Muslim migrant camp in a PRISON car

Belgium: Jewish couple afraid to leave house after antisemitic harassment and death threats

Pro-“Palestinian” Group Disputes Booker’s Claim He Didn’t Know About Anti-Israel Sign

Global Human Trafficking Now a $32 Billion Industry

Taliban try to take Afghan city, kill at least 14 policemen

WATCH! Linda Sarsour: Puppet of Siraj Wahhaj – From Last Yr. Listen at 3 minutes in

Disturbing ties emerge between Linda Sarsour and Islamic radical running ‘jihadist’ camp in New Mexico

Iran ‘Revolution is Coming’ as 100,000 Rush to Streets Chanting ‘Death to Dictator’

“Palestinian” President Mahmoud Abbas Vows To Continue Funding Families Of “Martyrs” And Prisoners: Even If We Had One Single Penny Left

UPDATE: Muslim arrested at armed Islamic compound was TRAINING KIDS TO KILL, commit school shootings, court documents say

Malta freezes Pilatus bank after Muslim chairman funneled $115 million to Iran through United States, breaking US sanctions

Pakistan: Christian falsely accused of “blasphemous texts,” angry mob gathers with steel rods and petrol gallons to set fire to the Christians’ houses

Canada: Jihadi who STABBED 3 soldiers at Army Recruiting Center attack RELEASED, ALLOWED TO ATTEND COLLEGE

Six “YOUTHS” “LYNCH” man defending his wife outside Muslim-migrant “no-go” suburbs of  France

“Palestinian” Authority slams Canada for its “blatant interference” in Riyadh’s internal affairs

Watch: In the US, CHILD’S REMAINS found at Islamic compound armed by “Muslim extremists,” kidnapper son of co-conspirator in World Trade Center bombing

US Withdrawal From Iran Deal Helping Wind Down Yemen War, Officials Say

Muslim migrant whose deportation was thwarted by ‘hero’ Swedish student was actually sentenced for assault

Netherlands: New Muslim building owner evicts Jewish community from synagogue to open restaurant

29 fires erupt in southern Israel as “Palestinian” arson jihad ‎continues

Facebook: Farrakhan’s Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories Don’t Violate ‘Hate Speech’ Rules

WATCH: Washington DC Imam: “America Will Be A Muslim Nation”

70 Pro-Jihad Antisemitic Democrats urge Trump to resume Gaza terror aid funding

Report: HHS Grants For Detained Illegal Alien Children Reaches $1 Billion

FOIA Lawsuit Departments of State, Defense and Homeland Security to Obtain Boycott of Jewish Businesses (BDS) Lobbying Record

New Mexico: Muslim arrested at armed Islamic compound was TRAINING KIDS TO KILL, commit school shootings in US, court documents say

Muslim migrant who raped student in a UK cemetery replies ‘Yes, I did that. Why not?’

Cory Booker has deceived and betrayed pro-Israel Jews

UNRWA Complains About Funding While Training Children to Wage War

WATCH VIDEO: MSNBC Contributor Says US Will Have a ‘Charlie Hebdo Situation’ Because of Trump’s Attacks on Media

Iran’s $100 Million Aid to Hamas and Islamic Jihad

Jihadi who plotted mass Islamic attack on CHRISTMAS holiday at San Francisco’s Pier 39 gets 15 years prison dawah

New Mexico: 11 children rescued from “filthy” ISLAMIC COMPOUND armed with Muslim ‘extremists,’ MOTHERS ARRESTED, cops say

ANOTHER mosque sermon calls on Allah to slay non-Muslims ‘one by one’

President Donald Trump Signs Executive Order Restoring Sanctions on Murderous Regime in Iran

Verified Saudi Twitter Account Makes Veiled 9/11 Terror Threat Against Canada

Michigan doctor on trial for vaginal mutilation cases at WAR against feds, American law, uses sharia defense

WATCH: NY Muslim Fakrol Islam tries to blow up 7-Eleven gas station and is engulfed in flames

First-ever Muslim Candidate for Governor Tied to Racist, Antisemitic NATION OF ISLAM

Saudi Arabia EXPELS Canadian ambassador, freezes “all new business” over “blasphemy” of Islamic law

Turkey: TV channel blocks out cross on Selena Gomez’s necklace

Artist Thrown Off Building Over Alleged “Blasphemy” of Islam

Two more women’s rights activists are arrested in Saudi Arabia

UK: Officer wanted to be “culturally sensitive,” asked if Muslim migrant could date a 12-year-old

Germany: Muslim Migrant Who Sexually Abused 7 Children Released After Only 7 Months

TWELVE girls schools BURNED DOWN OVERNIGHT in coordinated attacks in Pakistan

Honor Killing in India: Muslim brother BEHEADS sister, waits for police with blood-soaked knife

France: Muslim policewoman stole weapons, munitions from police

GUARDIAN Wedding Announcement: OSAMA BIN LADEN’s son marries daughter of Mohammed Atta, RINGLEADER of 9/11 Islamic terror attacks

REPORT: Soldiers Who Criticize Army’s Pro-Islam, Politically Correct Recruitment Videos Face Disciplinary Action

WATCH: Jerusalem Mayor Warns Europe over Escalating Terrorist Violence

Saudi Arabia Expels Canada’s Ambassador, Freezes Trade

Merkel’s Party Wants to Unite German Culture — by Bringing Back Draft

Britain 2018: Blood Donors Can’t Keep Pace with Record Knife Crime

Protests in Iran Hit Boiling Point, Amplifying Calls for Regime Change

Colorado: Iraqi National, Karrar Al Khammasi, shot Colorado Springs Officer Cem Duzel in the head on Aug. 2. Duzel is in critical but stable condition

CAIR’s Smear Campaign Against Judge Sharon Dickson

Front page of UK’s Guardian features flattering photo of Osama bin Laden’s mother, puff piece on Corbyn

“Everyone has to prepare for maximum damage”: Muslim brothers plotted jihad massacre in Australia

Jared Kushner pushing to close UNRWA, end bogus refugee status for millions of fake “Palestinians”

Pro-Islamic State media outlet calls for BIOLOGICAL ATTACKS in the West, posters depict San Francisco

Why don’t Qatar and Saudi Arabia take Muslim refugees? This isn’t a European problem! – Polish MP

WATCH: Iranian Cities Hit By Protests in the Cause of FREEDOM For Fourth Day

Erdogan claims “Turkey has no problems related to religious minorities”

SHARIA UK: Police ‘turn a blind eye’ to child brides, thousands of victims, no prosecutions

More arson jihad in Israel: Muslim sets Jerusalem building on fire

Texas jury convicts Muslim migrant in honor killing of his daughter’s Christian husband

UK’s youngest female Muslim terror plotter, 18, jailed for life (that is, 13 years) over jihad plot to bomb London

Terror toddlers in SHARIA UK: British nursery school criticized for failing to spot children as young as two at risk of “far right” radicalisation

Migrant mayhem on holiday: American tourist WHIPPED with belt ‘when he tries to stop them hurling insults at a woman pushing a stroller’ in Barcelona

“Palestinians” and UN work furiously to stop Israel from building relations in Africa

WATCH VIDEO: Tommy Robinson reveals how he was abused in prison

Chain Migration: UK Government ‘Turns Blind Eye’ to Forced Marriage, Hands Visas to Foreign Rapists

Tommy Robinson Abused, Tortured — British State Complicit

Colorado Springs family says they were threatened, harassed by suspect accused of shooting officer

Homegrown Terror Threats Rise for Second Consecutive Month – Congress tracks 5 percent increase in jihadist incidents since May

The Huffington Post’s Fake Facts About Stealth Jihad – By Robert Spencer

Copenhagen Imam: ‘Jihad Necessitates The Conquest Of Europe’

The New York Times Has Just Hired A New Writer…And She’s A Racist!

UK Muslim Councillor, LABOUR Party “STAR,” was FORCED MARRIAGES FIXER, sent young girls abroad to be raped and abused

74-yr-old British tourist violently sexually attacked and robbed by Muslim migrant while on holiday in Spain

Nearly One in Four Germans Now Come from a Migration Background

Pew Research Center’s Skewed Polls About Islam

Israel Defense Force ELIMINATES 7 Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists near border in Syria who were en route to jihad attack

Antisemetic Hatemonger Linda Sarsour Urges World Trade Center Bomber Co-Conspirator to Support Terror-Tied Muslim Candidate for Michigan Governor Abdul El-Sayed

US On Alert For Major Iranian Naval Operation in Middle East, Officials Say

Iran: Christians Seized from Homes, Pastor Tasered and Imprisoned for Promoting “Zionist Christianity”

NY Cities Barnard College to Host Jihad Terror-Tied Group

Jewish Girl’s Murder Fuels Political Turmoil in Germany

Afghan child bride is tortured to death by her husband in a revenge killing after being forced to marry him in a traditional bridal exchange

Sweden: Migrant raped 92-yr old grandmother on Christmas Eve – allowed to remain in Sweden

Leaders warns EXTERMINATION of Christians by Muslims will be complete by 2043 in Africa’s most-populous nation

UNRWA Complains About Funding While Training Children to Wage War

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) defended in India: ‘Essential Part of Islam,’ can’t be subjected to judicial scrutiny

Moderate Muslims vs. Jihadists

Terrorist “Palestinian” Authority slams US ambassador’s visit to Israeli home of terror attack victim

“Geller Ban” on Bus Ads Upheld in Washington D.C.

A Dozen Christian Villages Wiped Out in Four-Day Muslim Killing Spree in Nigeria As many as 200 Christians had been killed, however, some residents fear the death toll may be even higher, as more bodies are yet to be recovered, while others were burned beyond recognition

Senior Muslim Brotherhood Official Touts Linda Sarsour’s Gaza Video

Minnesota: Muslim teen rips out 74-yr-old’s eyes with his bare hands, knocks out most of his teeth in bloody beating

Sweden: Four brutally migrants rape disabled woman

Hamas-CAIR demands TSA drop passenger tracking program

Four French police officers seriously injured in ‘savage ambush’ by ‘drunk’ UK-bound migrants in Calais

Afghan migrant whose deportation was thwarted by ‘hero’ Swedish student was actually sentenced for assault

S Africa Amending Constitution: White Farmers’ Lands To Be Seized And Given To Blacks

‘Their throats were slit, they were tortured’: Foreign Correspondent investigates S Africa farm attacks

Afghanistan: Child bride, 9, ‘strangled to death by husband, 35, she’d been given to by her family’

WATCH: Activist Tommy Robinson Released From Prison



Jordanian National Arrested for Smuggling Six Yemenis Across US Open Border with Mexico

Iran remains wary on Trump’s offer of talks

American Volunteers Join Israeli Firefighters To Battle Dangerous Blazes From Palestinian Kites

IRAN IN CHAOS: Truck Drivers Continue to Strike as Currency Slides to New Record Low

Watch: Netanyahu Calls on World to Help Repressed Iranians

Watch – Copenhagen Imam: ‘Jihad Necessitates the Muslim Invasion and Conquest of Europe’

Euro Judges Will Block U.K. from Sentencing Islamic State Torturers to Death

Iran’s Mullahs Must Be Stopped

US Defense Secretary: ABC Report on Iran Is ‘Fiction’

Muslim migrant sexually assaults 13 German women because ‘nobody told him it was wrong’

Britain halts cooperation with US over ISIS mass murdering savages (or as the media likes to call them ‘the Beatles’)

UK: ‘Jewish people are welcome to leave UK when Corbyn becomes Prime Minister’

‘They Spit When I Walked in the Street’: The ‘New Anti-Semitism’ in France

Germany: Number of devout “radical Islamic Salafists” tops 10,000 for the first time

Sweden: Very low sentences for Muslim migrants after ‘bloody gang rape’ of 13-year-old girl

UK: Leftists, Senior Tories Fight to Save ISIS Jihad Murderers from Execution, Despite Public Support for Death Penalty

Canada: Refugee Reports Seeing Her ISIS Slave Master on Ontario Bus — But Told to Keep Quiet

SHARIA IN ACTION: Beautiful Photo of couple kissing in rain went viral – and got the photographer beaten by devout Muslims

POWDER KEG 6 miles from Eiffel Tower: 300,000 illegal migrants are living in parallel Islamic state in France

The terrorist “Palestinian” Authority set to lead the UN’s biggest bloc of developing countries

SPLC Finally Admits Orlando Jihadi Omar Mateen Wasn’t a Right-Wing Terrorist

Muslim father defends FGM after his daughter, 10, dies from it

New asylum rules approved by GOP and Democrats would give right to migrate to US to a population at least half the size of the American Midwest

Study: YouTube Failed to Stop Jihadis from Uploading 1,348 Propaganda Videos

Hungarian leader Viktor Orban told state radio on Friday that the EU should punish the leaders who let millions of migrants into Europe

Anti-Islam Protester Tossed Into Fountain at Candle Memorial to Danforth Shooting Victims (VIDEO)

Wow! Far Left Politico Says Opposing Child Marriage is a “Far Right” Issue

Robert Spencer: Family of Woman Killed by Muslim Cop Sues

France: Church set ablaze and spray painted with “Allahu Akbar”

Muslim terrorist murders Jewish father of two

TERROR WINS: Philippines surrenders to jihad wars, grants Muslim terrorists autonomous Islamic (terror) state

Violence as 600 migrants storm Morocco-Spain border fence, ATTACK police with caustic chemicals and feces

State Dept Trying to Kill Sanctions on Terrorist Use of Human Shields

Obama Admin Granted Green Cards, US Citizenship to Senior Iranian Regime Officials

UK: Corbyn govt would pose an ‘existential threat to Jewish life,’ say three major Jewish newspapers

S Africa: Thousands March in Pretoria to Demand Full Resumption of Ties With Israel

President Trump threatens to hit Turkey with sanctions if it doesn’t release Christian pastor imprisoned on false charges

Toronto: Why Should the Mentally Ill Carry the Can for Islam’s Violence?

Israel: Terror Victim Dies From Islamic Terror Attack

Canada: “Mentally ill” Muslim returned to community, found “not criminally responsible” for STABBING three soldiers in army recruiting centre, “ALLAH told me to do it”

Three Christian children kidnapped in Uganda forced to convert to Islam, forced into jihad terror group

2nd Islamic terror attack today in Israel: Bomb thrown into apt building, igniting huge blaze

At least 86 people were killed June 23 in Nigeria’s Plateau State in clashes reportedly between Muslim Fulani herdsmen and Christian farmers

INSANE! Non-Existent ‘State of Palestine’ to Head Bloc of 135 Nations at UN

Bloc Comprising a Majority of UN Member States Hands Presidency to Fake ‘State of Palestine’

SHOCK VIDEO: HUNDREDS of African Migrants Storm Border with Spain – Attack Guards with Sticks and Flame Throwers

UK to Finally Study Ethnic Origins of Child Rape Gangs After Decades of Abuse

Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Rejects EU’s ‘Insulting’ Offer to Pay Italy €6,000 for Every New Migrant

Salvini Rejects EU’s ‘Insulting’ Offer to Pay Italy €6,000 for Every Migrant

Report: Italy deports convicted Islamic State recruiter

Firefighters extinguish blaze along Gaza border caused by incendiary balloon

Hamas, the murderous neighbor that demands Israel give it the gun

2 Syrian rockets said to land in Sea of Galilee, near crowded tourist beach

Obama, Kerry Knowingly Gave Money to an al-Qaeda Affiliate in Sudan

CA: Slain young woman, a Navy corpsman, was ‘ambushed,’ murdered by Marine Corps deserter, references to the Quran inscribed on his car

Why Reza Pahlavi is a Perfect Leader for Iran

Islamic Jew-Hatred – a religious mandate

SHARIA UK: Politician under constant death threat (FATWA) after condemning rape gangs of ‘common ethnic heritage,’ forced out of pro-jihad Labour cabinet

Meghan Markle’s friend, human rights activist Loujain Al-Hathloul, faces 20-year jail term in Saudi Arabia #sharia

Muslim Father Doused Three-Year-Old Son with ACID in ‘Deliberate Attack’ to Punish Wife Who Left Violent Marriage

Michigan Muslim Returnee Indicted For ISIS Terrorism

ISIS claims responsibility for Toronto attack after police say shooting not linked to terrorism

Cuomo: Trump Admin. Is on a ‘Jihad to Deport as Many People’ as Possible

Muslim Brotherhood-tied spin doctor behind Toronto jihad gunman Hussain family statement

At least 31 killed as Pakistan election begins with deadly suicide bombing in Quetta

Islam in Australia: Child bride burnt alive 6 months after arrival

Antisemitism Is a Big (State-Sponsored) Business

VIDEO and PHOTOS: Communists and Reds’ hysteria over Russia ‘COLLUSION” in NYC’s Times Square

“Institute for Muslim Mental Health”: jihad is America’s fault, “a normal (and healthy) reaction”

Toronto jihadi Faisal Hussain: ISIS supporter, was known & interviewed by counter-terror police, residences in Afghanistan and Pakistan, neighbors say, “never saw any mental illness”

UK: Only 40 of Those 400 Jihadis Who Had Come Back From Syria Have Been Successfully Prosecuted

Pennsylvania: Muslim migrant GUILTY of terror charges – organizing, recruiting, supporting Muslims to wage violent jihad in US and Europe

Sweden: After day with Christians, Muslim teens wash in mosque

U.S. Envoy: Israel Defense Force  Deserves Medal For Rescuing Syrian White Helmets

UN Security Council Open Debate on the Middle East. Nikki Haley, 7,500 acres land has been burned in Israel by burning kites in 3 months from gaza border

Muslims in India lynch Hindu man for having affair with Muslim woman

Canada: ‘This scares me’ — Police reveal 2 grenades found in Mississauga park

Millions of rapes of non-Muslim girls by Muslim men – Only 222 have been convicted

Ayoub Kara, an Israeli minister of communications, said he was sent death threats by the Joint Arab List political party because of his support of a nation-state law

UAE, Tunisia Stripped of Judo Events For Discriminating Against Israeli Athletes

2 Muslims arrested over planned jihad terror attacks in France & Netherlands

Toronto terror fundraising: Using TERROR-TIED extremist groups, “Muslims United” fund-raise “for the victims” of bloody jihad terror attack

Toronto Islamic terror attack: Jihadi mass murderer named FAISAL HUSSAIN

Toronto police finally name former Muslim boyfriend in the brutal murder of 20 yr-old Alyssa Lightstone

Israeli Government Blasts CNN and BBC: ‘Stop Your Manipulation!’ [Jew hatred]

15-yr-old Muslim girl who was RAPED by her older brother 8 times is jailed for six months for having an abortion in “moderate” Indonesia

WATCH: Toronto Police Press Conference on Terror Attack: Lead Detective Terry Brown we “won’t release name of shooter” “NOT ALLOWED to do it” there would be a “FRENZY ON SOCIAL MEDIA”

Israeli Military Says Rifle That Killed Soldier on Gaza Border Was Iranian-Made

James Mattis ok’s sale of F-35’s to Turkey despite human rights violations

Tunisia: Muslims hold a barbeque in a Jewish cemetery

ISLAMIC FAKE HATE: Server Made Up ‘We Don’t Tip Terrorist’ Note, Texas Restaurant Says

Africa: Somalia’s al Shabaab claims to have stormed military base, killing 27 soldiers

Suicide bomb attack near Kabul airport leaves 14 dead 60 wounded

Many Dozens Killed in Nightmare Terror Attacks by ISIS, Al-Qaeda

UK: Muslim threatens to murder Tommy Robinson and attack his wife with acid

‘Allah is the judge, I will never be judged by you’: Australian ISIS fighter Neil Prakash launches bizarre rant at a Turkish judge who set him FREE – only to be ordered back behind bars on local terror charges moments later

UPDATE: Somalia: Father defends FGM after his daughter dies from it, can’t be criminalized because people think it’s Islamic

UPDATE: 4 Arrested After Acid Attack on 3-Year-Old Boy In UK

Stanford Student, Hamzeh Daoud Threatens to Beat Up Jews On Campus

Texas Muslim Killed Christian to Restore Honor

Israel Evacuates 800 of Syria’s White Helmets and Their Families to Jordan

VIDEO: Toronto mass shooting, multiple casualties (including child) outside restaurant in Greektown neighborhood, gunman dead. Not Ruling Out Terror Attack

Mohamed Naddaf jailed in depraved ‘Islamic honor killing’, victim’s grieving mom, “Islam killed my daughter’

Swedish parliamentary candidate suggests deporting all Jews from Jewish state

Amazon, Congressman Ellison, and Sharia Law

German Intel Report Warns Iran Seeking WMDs as Merkel Tries to Save Nuke Deal

Viral Video Bus Operator Will Halt Service to Brussels NO-GO Zone After Attacks on Passengers

Obama judge rules al Qaeda Muslim terrorist who plotted to ‘cut the cables’ on the Brooklyn Bridge can KEEP his US citizenship

7-yr-old chess champ can’t compete in “moderate Muslim” Tunisia tournament because she’s Israeli Jew

UK: Acid Thrown on Three-Year-Old Boy in ‘Deliberate Attack’

9/11 Conspirator Goes On Hunger Strike Over Alleged Religious ‘Torture’

UK: Islamic school run from home of rapist: Owner attacked 16-year-old girl but school still operates

UN environmental activist Amina Mohammed refuses to condemn Hamas for committing “Eco-Terrorism” against Israel

The Mufti of Jerusalem: Jihadi Bloodlust, the Nazis, and British and French Perfidy

Racist supremacist Turkey’s Erdogan accuses Israel of apartheid over Jewish Nation State law

Terror: Islam’s Instrument of Policy

UK Govt Office Knew About Muslim Mass Rape Gangs Decade Before Investigating

Muslim migrant beats Jews in front of kosher shop in Vienna

California: Muslim pleads guilty to helping ISIS, spoke of jihad plan to murder 10,000 in Bay Area

Muslim Girl Dies After Undergoing Female Genital Mutilation

WATCH VIDEO: Attempted kidnapping in Canada of two Jewish girls today. Four “dark skinned women” were in the car

EXCLUSIVE: An Islamic Terror Attack May Have Been Thwarted at a California Mall, Police Keeping Quiet

IDF Soldier Shot And Killed At Gaza Border

UPDATE: Germany bus attack: Muslim migrant knifeman injures 14 victims ‘after dropping smoking backpack’

Germany Bus Attack: Knifeman Stabbed Passengers. Injures 14 victims ‘after dropping smoking backpack’. Police Are Not Ruling Out A Terror Attack

Tucker: MSNBC’s ‘Out-of-the-Closet Extremist’ Brennan Still Has Top Security Clearance

U.K. Survey: London Least Tolerant of Gay Couples

Iranian Migrant Jailed for Raping 12-Y/O Boy in Glasgow

Report: Israel’s Spy Agency Mossad Thwarted Iranian Plot to Bomb Rally in France

WATCH “Palestinian” official: “We will cleanse ‘Palestine’ of the filth of Jews”

Nikki Haley: Human Rights Council ‘Greatest Failure’ of the UN, Agenda is ‘Directed Against Israel’s Existence,’ ‘A Cesspool of Political Bias’

Netanyahu: Radical Islam threatens Europe

Tariq’s Brother Hani Ramadan Has His Own Troubles, French seized banks accounts believing he’s supporting islamic terrorism

Facebook Says It Will Remove Content “That May Lead To Violence”

Muslim Brotherhood Congressmen and DNC Chair Hakim Muhammad (Keith Ellison) demands Amazon stop selling books from SPLC-designated “hate groups”

39 Jewish BDS groups claim it is not anti-Semitic to compare Israeli policies to those of the Nazis

Euro Wall: Turkey-Syria Border Wall To Be Completed By Spring

Muslim Brotherhood Congressmen Hakim Muhammad (Keith Ellison) Running to Become Attorney General with Inactive Law License in Minnesota

Austria, Hitler’s Birthplace, Proposes Kosher Meat Restrictions and Registering Jews, Reminiscent of Nazi-Era

US Report: Only 20,000 Palestinian ‘Refugees’ in the World, not 5.1 Million

WATCH: Prominent Muslim cleric BEATS UP women’s rights lawyer on national LIVE TV debate

Muslim Brotherhood Congressmen and DNC Chair Hakim Muhammad (Keith Ellison) Claims National Borders Create ‘An Injustice’

Murdering mullahcracy Iran sues United States at the International Court of Justice

Rap culture and Islam to blame for French riots: ‘They are looking for opportunities to unleash hell’

Ocasio-Cortez attacks Israel, then admits ignorance on issue

Czech PM: Accepting Migrants is ‘Road to Hell,’ EU Must Stop the Boats

EXPOSED: Peter Strzok Grew Up In Iran and Saudi Arabia, Worked As Obama and Brennan’s Envoy To Iranian Regime

In ‘Historic’ Ruling, US Judge Finds Jews Entitled to Race-Based Civil Rights Protections

Muslims Furious Over Bill That Would Define Israel As Jewish Nation-State

German newspaper gives women tips on how to survive sexual attacks on cemetery visits

Jordanian MP: “My mother, may Allah have mercy on her, wished to adorn herself with an explosive belt to blow up the Zionists”

VIDEOS and PHOTOS: Antisemitic Left Protests Israel’s Batsheva Dance Company at NYC’s Joyce Theatre

Time to Let Gaza Fail

Nigeria: Over 620 Troops Missing After Boko Haram Storms 2 Bases

Belgium Social Media Campaign Asks Illegal Migrants Not to Come

This Muslim group is raping, killing, and torturing Nigerian Christians. And it’s getting worse

60 truckloads of ISIS fighters sneak into Iraq

Terrorist group Hamas launches massive attack on Israel, hundreds of rockets fired, WATCH as rocket hits kindergarten playground in Israel

Sharia France: Devout Muslim who brutally beat Jewish woman to death screaming Allahu Akbar and reciting Quran “not fit to stand trial” despite evaluation

Knife-wielding Muslim on Paris metro STABBED multiple passengers, screaming, ‘I’m Muslim, I’ll kill all the Catholics’

Sweden: Suspect in Fatal Shooting is Islamic State Jihadi, 150 ISIS Jihadis Have Returned to Sweden

Libya warlord Khalifa Haftar calls for raising “the flag of Jihad” against “the fascist colonial state of Italy”

N Carolina: Muslim inmate signed up for Ramadan fast. Now he’s suing because he got hungry.

Gay couple are WHIPPED more than 80 times for having sex as crowd shouts “hit them harder” in “moderate” Indonesia

Congress Demands State Department Release Secret Report Busting Myth of “Palestinian Refugees”

European Catholic Bishops Meet to Plan Pro-Migrant Media Offensive

Why “Outreach,” “Dialogue,” and “Hearts and Minds” Initiatives Won’t End the Jihad

Muslims Must Emulate Muhammad

Second day of protests rock Ivanka and Jared’s family home: Antisemitic demonstrators rally with loudspeakers outside DC home

England: New Female Genital Mutilation Case Every Two Hours, Still No Convictions

Trump’s ambassador lobbied Britain on behalf of jailed pro-freedom activist Tommy Robinson

Iran: Young man flogged 80 times for drinking alcohol as a child

Florida: Mass Murder Plot Thwarted, CAUGHT Before Blowing Up Building to “Kill All The F***king Jews”

Reality vs Fantasy: President Trump warns Europe is ‘losing its culture’ by allowing ‘millions and millions’ of migrants, PM Theresa May praises their’ fantastic contribution’

NY Times Chief Dance Critic Joins Jewish Boycott Antisemites Denouncing Israeli Performers

Chicago-area town board member pressured to resign for noting that Muslim immigrants aren’t integrating

Ahead of Midterms, Facebook Steps Up Its War on “Fake News” (That Is, Conservative Perspectives)

California Lawmakers Propose Bills to Teach Students to Identify ‘Fake News’

US Muslim Leaders Mourn Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Co-Founder Whose Leadership Calls for Trump’s Assassination

Muslim Migrants Threaten to KILL Crew of Rescue Ship

SHARIA DEFEATED in Texas: Clock-Bomb Boy’s Blasphemy (Defamation) Lawsuit Dismissed: Award of AFLC Lawyers’ Fees Affirmed

Toronto police ramp up patrols near CN Tower over ‘potential risk’

Native Dutch Told to ‘Get Out’ if They Don’t Want to Be Minority in Homeland

Tougher Border Controls Crash Australia’s Migrant Numbers to 10-Year Low

Iranian Woman ‘Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison’ For Removing Headscarf in Protest

Jewish groups demand German government confront Muslim anti-Semitism

Iranian man burns the Quran as an act of protest against the Islamic regime and the strict Sharia laws

EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS and PHOTOS: Opportunistic, Insincere Leftist Politicians March in NYC Israel Day Parade 2018

Hero Military Dog Saves Lives Of Six SAS Soldiers, Rips Out Jihadi’s Throat

Top Iranian general: Forces in Syria ‘awaiting orders’ to destroy Israel

Mufti of Jerusalem: Muslim who sells land to Jews ‘traitor to Islam,’ issues death fatwa

Congress Renews Push to Designate Muslim Brotherhood as Terror Group

“Palestinians”: Australian Decision to Withhold Funds “Declaration of War”

UK Steps Up War On “Hate Speech,” Announces Police Cash Boost… for Soros-Backed “Hate Crime” Training

Seattle Public Schools Partnering with Hamas-CAIR

Homegrown Terror Threats Increasing, as Intel Finds Foreign Born Citizen-Jihadists Are Plotting Attacks Across America

Mullahs Want to Fly 300 Million Euros in Cash From Germany to Iran

African Migrants Rescued Off the Coast of Libya Threaten to Behead Rescuers

Pompeo: Iran Using Embassies to Plot Europe Terror Attacks

Iran’s Islamic Regime at Breaking Point

Jihad Welfare: 50% of British Muslim males and 70% of females are on benefits

Germany’s soldiers forced to use BROOMSTICK for a gun, Trump Right On NATO

OKLAHOMA VIDEO Police bodycam footage: Muslim mom bound, gagged and stabbed her 3 daughters, set house on fire

Pakistan politician wants to NUKE the Netherlands: ‘Give me an atom bomb and I’ll wipe Holland off the face of the earth’

Students for Justice in Palestine Says Progress Impossible ‘So Long as Israel Exists’

Pakistani Muslim leader says it’s against Islam to vote for female candidates. (Does Ilhan Omar know this? Does Linda Sarsour? Of course they do. They are being used in the U.S. to help soften resistance to the same sharia Haroon Sultan is discussing here, to make it seem as if it is less misogynistic than it really is. But the hijabs that they wear on their heads tell a different story: it’s a symbol of their second-class status and responsibility to prevent men from being tempted. Misogyny is deeply embedded in Islamic texts.)

French Court Convicts Muslim Gang for Brutal Robbery, Rape of Jewish Couple in 2014

Muslim Democrat running for Congress calls Israel “apartheid state” and blames it for “evil doings” in Gaza

LISTEN: Pamela Geller on Breitbart Radio on Islamic Genocide of Christians

INVASION: Bottleneck of 700,000 migrants wait in Libya to cross the Mediterranean to Europe

Yes! Israel ranked as eighth most powerful country in the world

Brexit Exit: BORIS JOHNSON, DAVID DAVIS, Steve Baker and Suella Braverman FLEE: UK Prime MInister Theresa May on the ropes as her cabinet ministers resign en masse

Defiant Abbas Says He Won’t Halt Payments to Terrorists

UK: Imam jailed for 109 violent attacks on children in Koran class

Germany: Muslim “refugee” who murdered 14-year-old girl also twice raped 11-year-old

Austria to shut down mosques, expel foreign-funded imams

Is Europe Awakening To The Threat?

South Koreans resist Muslim migrants: “We have all read about the problems that immigrants have caused in Europe”

Iran arrests teenage girl over Instagram video of her dancing in bedroom

Hired Guns: Former American and European Bigwigs Lobby for Iranian Terror Group

UK: Radical Muslim preacher who has said he ‘does not believe in democracy’ and is ‘not obedient’ to secular law is working as an expert witness to British courts. WAKE UP AMERICA!

“This isn’t a crisis,” says UN refugee agency spokesman about Europe’s Muslim migrant crisis that is happening

Muslim Congress this week in Florida includes antisemitic, anti-gay, Holocaust denying speakers

Cousin marriage: Pakistani Muslims in the UK are 13 times more likely to have children with genetic disorders than the general population

German Opposition Party Files Human Trafficking Charges Against Migrant “Rescue” Groups

Islam, Malaysia’s Moral Impediment

Muslim migrant NOT GUILTY of 12 CHARGES CHILD SEX ASSAULT: Judge cites “cultural” reasons, victims’ families in tears

Germany: 8 Muslim migrants brutally beat Jewish man because he wore a Jewish Star

NYC: Jewish Group Protests Parkland Profiteer/Exploiter David Hogg #Never Again Book Event

Canada: Prime Minister Trudeau to provide terror-tied Islamic groups with $23,000,000

War Zone France: Violent Migrant youth rioting on the streets for FOURTH night, streets ablaze, police attacked

Pope Francis denounces “murderous indifference” to persecution of Christians, of which he is a chief architect

France: Prosecutors announce investigation into mosque sermon about how Muslims will kill Jews

Islamic State Wives Divorcing Jihadis in Droves

Philippine troops retake town after 12-hour standoff with Islamic jihadis

UK: City with large Muslim population passes resolution to boycott Jewish businesses, Court of Appeals upholds ban, throws Jewish council appeal out

The European Commission calls for European Investment Bank to defy US sanctions and fund Iran, and is supported in this by British Government

Slovakia Declares It Will Move Its Embassy to Jerusalem

London’s Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan allows Leftist protesters to fly 20-foot “Trump baby” blimp over Parliament during Trump visit

Hamas paid $11,800 to family of “Palestinian” Muslim who murdered eight Israeli students

France in FLAMES: Second night of violence and riot chaos – Migrant youths BURN city with petrol bombs after Aboubakar incident

Israelis Overwhelmingly Prefer Trump to Obama: Poll

Prince William to “Palestinians”: “You Have Not Been Forgotten”

Nigeria: 15-year-old Muslim claims he made 500 bombs for Boko Haram

Netanyahu Praises Trump, Calls on Europe to Break Relations With Iran in July 4 Message

Trump Travel Ban Upheld by Supreme Court, Fascist Left & NYC Muslims Protest “Racist TRUMP”

Polish official: “If you are asking me about Muslim illegal immigrants, none, not even one, will come to Poland”

Iran General Says Israel Behind Climate Change and Is Stealing Iran’s Clouds

Two Washington, DC-area mosques host rally calling for release of accused rapist Tariq Ramadan

IDF Foils Attempts By Hamas To Set Cyber Traps For Soldiers

Is Anyone Surprised Obama May Have Granted Citizenship to 2,500 Iranians? He Spent 8 Years Selling Out the American People

SHOCKING: Muslim Spy-Ring Leader Plea-Bargains TREASON Down to “Bank Fraud” In Deal with DoJ @USAGSessions #epicfail

Congress’ Top Cop Said House Democratic Caucus Server VANISHED in Muslim spy ring investigation

Maine: Muslim brothers sentenced in $1.4M welfare-for-cash scheme at halal market

France Poised to Release Jailed Al Qaeda Terror Strategist Djamel Beghal

4th of July Jihad: Cleveland Muslim arrested for large-scale terror attacks on Fourth of July in multiple cities

Europol says devout Muslims planned or executed 33 jihad plots in 2017, most “homegrown”

UK: Anjem Choudary and four other Muslims linked to London Bridge jihad attack set to be let out of jail by the end of the year

Afghanistan: Muslims murder 19 in homicide bombing targeting Sikhs and Hindus

Sgt. Derrick Miller’s sentence reduced, is eligible for parole immediately

Iranian Diplomat Supplied Bomb For Attempted Paris Attack

MAJOR TERRORIST ATTACK Broken Up in Paris – Islamists Plotted Bombing Free Iran 2018 Conference With Several US Leaders

Suspect plotted to park van with explosives in Cleveland for large-scale terror attack on Fourth of July

Bulgarian Prime Minister: Close Europe’s Borders, Imprison Illegals, Deport Them Back to Africa

French Ambassador Praises Hungarian Prime Minister, Brands Muslims in France and Germany Anti-Semitic

Young Jews fleeing France to escape Muslim Jew-hatred

Geller Report has been blocked and banned in Germany

Several DEAD as Iran opens fire on protesters for freedom

WATCH VIDEO: Hungarian Minister Chides ‘Unbalanced, One-sided’ BBC Anchor for Pro-EU, Pro-Migration Rant

Brussels plan to build EU migrant center descends into farce as European leaders refuse to host them

CHRISTIAN GENOCIDE: Crisis in Nigeria as Muslims slaughter THOUSANDS in ‘pure GENOCIDE’ (mostly women and children)

Muslim migrant slits throat, stabs to death Belgian boy for protecting waitress

Swedish political leader: What you read about Sweden in alternative media is true, we are in a low-intensive civil war

Antisemitism pushing France’s Jews to consider move to Israel

UK: Muslim trio laughs and smirks after brutal gang-rape of helpless 19-year-old student

VIDEO: Mother Shames Mayor Khan on Knife Crime at Public Event, ‘We Don’t Feel Safe!’

Jihad in Mali: SIX DEAD in Islamic bombing attack on headquarters of anti-terror taskforce base

VIDEO: Students trap U president in police car over flyers outing some as ‘terrorists’





San Francisco: Muslim named Jehad Eid opens fire on police, one officer and five others injured

Passover Tragedy: Farrakhan Sides With Today’s Muslim Enslavers of Blacks

How Turkey Is Working To Restore the Ottoman Empire: Analysis

France: Supermarket jihad murderer ‘was asked to meet anti-terror cops before France rampage’

10-year-old Muslim migrant ‘child asylum seeker’ threatens classmates with mass murder

Texas: Muslim parents sold teen daughter for $20K in arranged marriage, parents poured hot cooking oil on her, brutally beat her daily when she objected

Pakistan: Rapist is let off after agreeing to allow his sister to be raped by his victim’s brother

Islamic State leads police to a crocodile-infested river where they “dumped the bodies of ‘infidel’ British couple” who went missing in South Africa

‘Surprised’ Terror Group Protests Terrorist Designation from U.S.

Knights of Columbus Send $1 Million-plus to Aid Iraqi, Syrian Christians

Muslim Parents Arrested In Texas For Beating, Burning, Choking Their 16-Year-Old Daughter After She Refused A Forced Marriage

Australia: Pro-ISIS Muslims firebomb mosque, driven by deep hatred of Shia Muslims

PART: 2 France: Granddaughter of 85 year-old slaughtered, burned to death by Muslim neighbor, “I left Paris knowing that neither my future nor that of the Jewish People is to be found there

PART 1: Paris: 85-yr-old woman French-Jewish Holocaust survivor raped, stabbed, burned by Muslim neighbor had pleaded for help from police who did nothing

Germany: Muslim migrant “child asylum seekers” stab 24-year-old woman

Gay nightclub jihad mass-murderer’s father was FBI informant, this kept FBI from indicting killer 3 years before massacr

Christians Wounded in Muslim Attack on Church Service in Pakistan

Another Female Genital Mutilation Case Fails, Zero Convictions in 33 Years

Court in Pakistan Acquits 20 Muslims Accused of Brick-Kiln Killing of Christian Couple

Dutch Mayor Robbed in Her Own City’s Muslim Migrant Suburb

Italian Military Launch Manhunt Amid Fears Muslim ‘Potential Bomber’ Will Attack Tourists in Rome

Saudi Book Fair Called Out For Display of Antisemitic Titles, Including ‘Mein Kampf’

VIDEO: Islamization and sharia in Austria’s Public Schools

Turkey condemns terror attacks in Somali capital

Dramatic moment armed police surround suspected ISIS terrorist at airport over St Petersburg metro bomb that killed 16

Fears terrorists could unleash Disease X as a biological weapon killing MILLIONS around the world

5 killed in Boko Haram terror attack on Niger market

Trump honors French officer killed in terror attack

1 killed as Saudi Arabia intercepts 7 Houthi missiles fired from Yemen

Child bride survivors of Boko Haram share their horrific stories and urge lawmakers to rescue others

UK: Muslim rape gang of seven “predatory” men abused girls as young as 13 in a “rape wagon”

New York City to pay Muslim woman $85G over claim NYPD confiscated her hijab

How Israel Saved Us From a Nuclear ISIS

UK Police Call for ‘Counter-Terrorism Citizens’ to Report Others Viewing ‘Extremism’

Hostage horror – Devout Muslim ISIS gunman kills butcher, takes eight hostages and shoots cop in French supermarket

Huffington Post claims FBI says militias targeting Muslims were stirred up by Pamela Geller

Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler defends “Palestinian” payments to jihad terrorists

Terror Warning, As Up To 30,000 People in Europe May Be In Terrorist Networks

CONVICTED: North Carolina Muslim who plotted to assassinate Pamela Geller and commit mass murder at free speech event in Texas found GUILTY of recruiting for the Islamic State

France Proposes Criminals Monitor Online “Hate Speech” as Part of Community Service

Florida: Woman who intentionally crashed car into police station is devout Muslima – total media blackout

Hezbollah, Chinese Triad, Russian Mafia Using Global Crime Hub Venezuela

US Military: First Repatriation Under Trump of Gitmo Prisoner ‘Moving Forward’

Taylor Force Act to Slash Palestinian Funding Becomes Part of US Spending Bill

Judge dismisses lawsuit of “Clock Boy” Ahmed Mohamed’s dad with prejudice

Double Murder: Florida Muslim Shouts ‘Allah Akbar,’ Shoots Wife, Knifes Children, Sets House On Fire

Twitter Stock Dives After Israel Threatens Legal Action Over Pro-Terrorism Tweets

Lawyer For Terror Victims Not Amused After Justice Dept. Lets Terrorists Off the Hook

Justice: Killer-cop Mohamed Noor who shot unarmed pajama clad Justine Damond is charged with MURDER

Muslim migrant attacking hospital staff in Germany

100 French Intellectuals Issue A Warning About Islamic Totalitarianism

VIDEO and PHOTOS: International Women’s Day celebrates Socialism and Sharia Law

Vienna: “Devout Muslim” stabs soldier outside Iranian envoy’s residence

VIDEO: Muslim migrant screaming “Allahu akbar” rushes at Angela Merkel

SFSU professor says that it is Islamophobic to NOT hate Jews

Canadian parents plead for mercy ahead of jihadi son’s sentencing in NYC mass murder bomb plot New York City on concert venues, subway stations and Times Square

Palestinian Muslim claim to Jewish Dead Sea Scrolls up next at UNESCO

7 Christians Injured After Muslim Men Open Fire on Pakistani Church, Beat Congregants With Bricks

Activists: Turkey-Allied Jihadists Slaughtering Christians, Yazidis

VIDEO: Muslim Activist Asks Why Britons Fear Islam – Then Beats Heads at Speakers’ Corner after Tommy Robinson Speech

Humanitarian Aid & Civil Defense Fund for South Africans Being Killed by Their Own Government

Florida: Radicalized Teenager Who Murdered 13-Year-Old Was Under Investigation

#MeToo How come Islam gets a pass on its whole rape jihad culture?

A Syrian-Born Terrorist Has Been Convicted In Arizona Federal Court

French consulate official in Jerusalem arrested over ‘serious’ security issue, suspicion of arms smuggling. Arrested on Gaza Border

Special Forces rush to stop lethal HAND GRENADES reaching UK as ISIS plots attack

New survey shows 74% of German citizens oppose entry of Muslim immigrants: ‘Islam has no place in Germany.’

65-Year-Old Swedish Woman On Trial For Sharia Blasphemy Violations Describes Intensive Harassment from Police

The US & a Reemerging ISIS in Bangladesh & Asia

‘Hezbollah Is a Threat to Florida and Entire US’

Canadian government issue Women’s Day image of hijabi: “#MyFeminism is about equality for everyone”

Lauren Southern banned from UK for distributing poster critical of Islam

UK bans entry to free speech activists Martin Sellner & Brittany Pettibone, jails them

FBI Insiders Blow Whistle on Massive Las Vegas Cover Up; Agents Told Not to Investigate Key Evidence Including ISIS Terror Link

Federal Investigation Into Al Jazeera Gains Steam After Qatar-Funded Spy Op on U.S. Jews

Tunisia: Muslim mob stabs head of Tunisian Freethinkers group

Hungary “Ready to Fight” United Nations Plan to Facilitate Global Mass Migration

Iran sentences woman to 2 years for removing hijab

Iranian Supreme Leader Demands Americans Disarm

UK: Up to 1,000 children as young as 11 were drugged, beaten and raped by Muslim rape gangs in Telford over 40 YEARS

Pigs flying: Washington Post calls out Muslim Brotherhood Congressman Ellison’s lies about his ties to Farrakhan

Videos: Democrats Defend Their Admiration for Farrakhan

Top Bangladesh sci-fi writer stabbed in head at seminar because he’s an ‘enemy of Islam’

Canada: Muslim convicted of terrorism in US asks for second chance, blames West for his turn to “extremism”

Alabama: Muslim plotted jihad bombing for ISIS

12 Christians Murdered in Nigeria for Trying to Protect Girls From Forced Islamic Conversions

Swedish woman who made online jokes about Islam could be jailed for 2 years

UK terror-related arrests rose almost 60% to record high in 2017

Ohio: Jihad terror plot dismantled

A MUST READ: The Long Walk, by An Armenian

Armed Men Raid Iranian Embassy in London

Renewed violence as Red Cross delivers aid to Syria’s Ghouta

Thousands displaced, aid delivery halted as violence consumes Syrian enclave

Raw video: Victims of purported chlorine gas attack in Syria

ISIS Propaganda Allegedly Shows Deadly Attack on U.S. Troops in Niger

Reformer Saudi Prince Begins First Trip Abroad to U.S., U.K., Egypt

Anti-American Iran-Allied Shiite Militias Take Control of U.S. Tanks in Iraq

Killings In Nigeria: Calling on African Union, United Nations, Donald Trump To Intervene

Alarming Escalation of Jihadist Violence in West Africa

Jihad in Sri Lanka: Buddhist government declares state of emergency

Seven House Democrats Have Direct Ties To Notorious Jew-Hater Farrakhan, Republicans Call for Their Resignations

Muslim on jihad admits to killing 4 in cross-country binge in the U.S.

Linda Sarsour Arrested At The US Capitol

Government Lawyers: “Tear Up Texas” Text from Undercover FBI Agent to Jihadi Who Attacked AFDI Garland Event Was “Innocuous”

India: Muslims gang-rape Hindu girl after she refuses to convert to Islam

‘This is How You’ll End’ If You ‘Irritate’ Your Husband

Federal Judge: San Diego Unified School District Ordered to Produce Records of Alleged Collusion With Islamic Group

Pakistan: Torture of Christian by federal investigators exposes brutality of state machinery and vulnerability of non-Muslims in the country

President Trump, tell terror-supporting Qatar it can kiss our US air base goodbye

West Africa: Mali-Based Militant Group Claims Deadly Attacks

UK: Muslim Teacher Convicted of Training Students for Terror

Somalia: Four South Africans Among Victims of Bomb Attacks

No Jail for Halal Butchers Who Danced and Caused ‘Extreme’ Suffering, Two Flee Country

The Latest: UN body to probe violence in Syria’s Ghouta

In Syria’s Ghouta, shelters are tombs for the living

VIDEO: White House condemns Syria slaughter backed by Russia, Iran

First UN Aid Convoy Crossing Into Syria’s Ghouta Stripped of Medical Supplies

The New York Times Criticized Trump For Pointing Out “immigrant” Violence In Sweden. A Year Later It’s Reporting On It, Won’t say Refugee though

YouTube Is Banning Conservative Accounts Left And Right But Sponsoring A Muslim 9/11 Truther

Graphic Islamic State Photos Show Execution of Palestinian for Cooperating with Rival Group

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah Party Gives Fully Furnished Apartment to Family of Terrorist Who Killed Rabbi

Oklahoma: Muslim student threatened to kill Jews and terror expert John Guandolo, FBI did nothing

Irish Fight Plan to Dump 115 Migrants in Town of Lisdoonvarna

Progressive Zionist Group Blasts Women’s March Leaders for Association With Antisemitic Farrakhan

Muslim migrant “child refugee” who murdered German teen girl is probably an adult

UK: Muslim rape gang repeatedly raped teen girl over two-year period, nothing was done by police

Angela Merkel admits that ‘no-go zones’ exist in Germany

California Muslim accused of attempting to join ISIS arrested in Tunisia

UK: Jihadi on benefits showed his son ISIS beheading clips and told online followers to ‘Take a break, come to jihad’

Women protesting against wearing the hijab in Iran will be charged with inciting PROSTITUTION and jailed for up to ten years

Italy: Muslim Migrant Attacks Asylum Home Worker over Lack of Wi-Fi Internet