— The Conservative News Archives 2017.December

2 Law Enforcement Officers Shot in Roane West Virginia, Suspect in Custody

ISIS Claims Attack on Kabul Shiite Center, 41 Dead (SEE MORE IN ISLAMIC NEWS TAB)

Southern Poverty Law Center ‘hate tracker’ monitors #Christmas, #MerryChristmas, #Jesus

Inspector General RIPS Obama DOJ For Improperly Handling Rampant Sexual Harassment, Groping

UH-OH: House Intel Chairman Devin Nunes Subpoenas John McCain Associate Over Fusion GPS Dossier

BuzzFeed FIRES White House Correspondent After Allegations of Inappropriate Comments

PAPER: Inside Hillary Clinton’s $84 Million Money-Laundering Operation

POTUS Keeps Promise to ‘Bomb the Sh*t Out of ISIS’=> ISIS Loses 98% of Its Territory Mostly Since Trump Took Office (See more in islamic news tab)

New Trump Executive Order Targets Lobbyists, Clinton Foundation-Linked Individuals Involved in Human Rights Abuses and Corruption

Dirty Cop Comey is Sweating Bullets – Sends Late Night Tweet Following Rumors More Top FBI Agents Will Be Purged

Dirty Cops Mueller and Comey Held Secret Meeting Before Comey Testified to Congress – For This Alone Mueller Should Resign!

Prof urges ‘abolition of white democracy’ during lecture

Profs suggest students wear ‘name cards with gender pronouns’

Adam Schiff’s case for Trump-Russia collusion crumbles

Woman accused of racism by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is human-rights activist. Oops!

Roy Moore files lawsuit to block Alabama Senate result

Professors claim farmers’ markets cultivate racism: ‘Habits of white people are normalized’

Blue states lost thousands of residents who relocated elsewhere VIDEO

4.5 million anchor babies in U.S., CBO reports

Teens trapped inside burning car are rescued by police officers

Border Patrol Agent Shot in Texas by Gunman in Mexico, Say Feds

Deputy busts through ice in frozen pond to save 8-year-old boy: ‘He’s a hero’

China Stops All Oil Exports To North Korea In Rare Move As Sanctions Take Hold

FakeNews CNN Reporter Falsely Claims Republicans Funded Trump-Russia Dossier

Report: ‘High-Level’ Amazon, Microsoft Directors Caught in Sex Trafficking Sting

Parent of ‘Transgender’ Teen Warns: ‘We Have to Fight This Radical Movement’

Prince Harry ‘Interviews’ Obama for BBC…

Report: GOP Senators Press Trump’s Trade Rep to Abandon Nationalism

FakeNews CNN Worries Tax Bill Will Help GOP, Hints At Conspiracy Theory

FakeNews: Democrat Claims Trump’s Trying To Shut Down Entire Government To ‘Become Tyrant’

Florida: Fugitive funneled $94M to Hizbollah terrorist group, law enforcement sources say (See more in islamic news tab)

VIDEO: Is Fascism Right Or Left?

Senator Bernie Sanders’ hypocrisy is exposed by his hatred of Israel

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Compares Himself to Edison, Ford, Gandhi

#FakeNews NYT’s Amanda Hess: Trump’s Fist is Racist

CNN/HLN Anchor Decries ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ as ‘Sexist

California Parents Barred from Opting Kids Out of Mandatory LGBT-Inclusive Textbooks

#FakeNews Newsweek: Trump, Nazis Stole Christmas for White Nationalism

With ISIS Out of the Way, Iraqi Christians Celebrate First Christmas in Four Years (See more in islamic news tab)

Ivanka Posts Sweet Pics of Father/Son Fishing, Left Finds Reason to Hate

Senator Tom Cotton Fires Back at Amnesty Advocates!

Republican Diane Black announces run for Tennessee governor

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: Terror of the skies since 1995

Rep. Jackson Lee Boots White Teacher from First Class, Calls Her Racist

How much will you save in taxes now under Trump? Here’s the Tax Plan Calculator

Franklin Graham Scolds Rosie: ‘You Don’t Have the Keys to Hell’

Israel to Name New Jerusalem Station After Trump

TRUMP EFFECT: RECORD HOLIDAY SALES NEAR $600 BILLION; Expert: Spending Pace Not Seen Since Great Recession

Sean Hannity Drops Late Night Warning ‘One Week From Tonight I Will Expose CNN’

NFL Cancels Final Sunday Night Football Game

Vanity Fair Brutally Trashes Hillary Clinton in New Year’s Resolutions Video; Urges Find New Hobbies Like Knitting to Keep From Running in 2020

N Korean defector had anthrax antibodies in system, report says

‘Fake News’ Hits Melania With Blame for Removal of Dying Tree

DOJ: Nearly 95% of incarcerated aliens are in US illegally

Violence worsens in Mexico after removal of drug cartel leaders

Trump predicts new health care plan will happen after repealing Obamacare mandate

Mind Blown! Jake Tapper Gets A Full Admission From Bernie Sanders VIDEO

FACT CHECK: Out of 193 Countries, US TAX PAYERS Pay 22% of the UN Budget

FACT CHECK: Does The US Pay Over 20 Percent Of The UN Budget? YES! Out of 193 countries!

Topless Feminist Tries To Steal Jesus From Vatican Nativity Scene, Gets Trounced By Guard

The Left HATES These 5 Things About Christmas VIDEO

Democrat Running For Congress Indicted For Fraud And Embezzlement

‘Crooked Hillary Pile Of Garbage’ — Trump Starts Tuesday By Going After The FBI

The Senate Finally Revealed Its Harassment Settlements — On Christmas

Top insider exposes ‘Luciferian’ origin of globalist empire

Why the Constitution is still the most important government document, but is always overlooked

Source Close To Trump & Special Counsel Says Democrats ‘Manufacturing Crisis’ With Mueller Firing Rumors

Obama: “The U.S. Must Give Up Some Of Its Freedoms to the UN”. Well, That’s the end of that crap

The Queen’s Christmas Address Reflects on Horrors of Radical Islamic Terrorism in 2017

Israel says 10 more countries in talks about moving embassies to Jerusalem

250 Rabbis Tell Trump: ‘You Are Fulfilling Biblical Prophecies’

Guatemala Decides to Move Israel Embassy to Jerusalem

Nikki Haley Announces $285 Million Reduction to U.N. Funding

Jesse Lee Peterson reveals why black Americans should thank God for their president

Starting in January, 9 States Will Require Passport for Domestic Flights

Trump inauguration activists found not-guilty on all charges

APPLE ADMITS: We Slow Down Older Phones (But Only For Your Own Good!)

The New York Times Left Socialism’s Role Out of Its Report on Venezuela’s Devastation

Congressman Demands Probe of Obama Admin Protecting Hezbollah to Score Iran Deal

Tim Scott fires back at HuffPo contributor who said the black GOP senator was a ‘manipulated prop’

McConnell Backs Trump on Chain-Migration, Ditches Sen. Flake

Trump DoD Nominee Withdraws After Gun Control Position Publicized

Ex-Soviet Era Spy-chief tells how ‘MSM’ have become disinformation tools

Trump first president to protect electric grid from EMP, cyberattacks

ANOTHER TAX WIN: Boeing to Spend $300M on Workers and Charity

Wells Fargo, Fifth Third Bancorp unveil minimum wage hikes after tax bill passage

Black Americans Supporting Trump and CNN does NOT like it VIDEO

‘Epic’: Trump threatens to cut aid to U.N. member countries over Jerusalem vote

Fox News guest suggests possibility of FBI plot to assassinate Trump

Israeli Politicians Demand Obama Forfeit Nobel Peace Prize After Hezbollah Report

State Rep: Clemson Not Teaching Constitution According To Law

See What The New Tax Plan Gives You Back

You Can Now Figure Out How The Tax Bill Will Affect Your Bottomline

‘Do You Work For Mueller Now?’: Chris Christie Eats Nicolle Wallace’s Lunch

Israel:’Recognition of Reality’…Part Two

Cardinal Bernard Law, symbol of church sex abuse scandal, dead at 86

Ohio legislature praised for anti-BDS resolution

Conservatives to take over liberal 9th Circuit?

Hillary Clinton’s Approval Rating Falls to Record Low

‘Never Trump’ Conservatives Soften, Hail Trump’s Achievements

Nuclear Option: Amid Anti-Trump Hysteria, Obama Treason Exposed

UN: there are 258 million international migrants

It’s On: White House Meets with Senators to Plan Amnesty

🎄 Trumpmas Eve: Senate Passes Historic Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 51-48🎄

Cardinal Puts on LGBT Prayer Service Featuring Infamous Drag Queen

NFL Co-Hosting ‘Social Justice Workshop’ For College Athletes

WATCH: Sen. Sanders Says That If Democrats Take Control, Corporate Taxes ‘Absolutely’ Going Up

BOMBSHELL REPORT: Obama Colluded With Putin To Release Lebanese Terrorist Responsible For Targeting Americans

Democrat Hypocrites Tell Creepy Al Franken to Remain in Senate

Afghan intelligence training centre attacked by ISIS, 3 killed (See more in Islamic News Tab)

Trump’s 2017 GDP is Poised to Beat Obama’s Best GDP Ever in 8 Years!

Liberal Anti-Trump Activist Group Gets $400,000 In Taxpayer Funded Grants

Former Agent Claims DEA Caved To Political Pressure, Failed To Prosecute Opioid Pushers

Powerful Democratic Senator Complains GOP Tax Bill…Harms The Rich

European Populist Leaders Praise Trump, Call For End Of EU

Report: American Soldier In Niger Was Never Captured, Fought To The Death Instead

United Nations To Vote On Resolution To ‘Rescind’ US Recognition Of Jerusalem

Islamic state suicide bombers attack Pakistan church, 9 dead (SEE MORE IN ISLAMIC NEWS TAB)

Judge Dismisses Riot Charges Against Inauguration Day Protesters

#MagicResistance: The Rise of Feminist Witchcraft

VIDEO: Mormon Sect Caught Conducting $11 Million Food Stamp Fraud

Fox News’ Jesse Watters: We May Have an Anti-Trump ‘Coup on Our Hands in America’

WATCH: Trey Gowdy BEATS A Gun-Hating Liberal Bureaucrat Into SILENCE On Live TV

WATCH! Welfare Abuser Brags About All The Things She Buys That ‘Taxpayers Are Paying For’ VIDEO

Trump Team Claims Mueller ‘Unlawfully’ Obtained ‘Tens of Thousands of Emails’

California Legislature Plans to Pass Own Net Neutrality

Trump Admin Launches Campaign to End Extended-Family Immigration into U.S.

Chick-fil-A opens Sunday to feed stranded at Atlanta airport travelers

PAPER: ‘Paranoia Grips Capitol Hill’ Amid Source Claiming ‘Megastory’ Will Expose 50 Lawmakers’ Sexual Harassment Charges

Trump Effect Comes to Austria: Conservative Government Announces New Rules for Asylum Seekers

Trump: I’m not considering firing special counsel Mueller

Attorney Gregg Jarrett: ‘Mueller and His Entire Team Must be Removed’

Trump’s Christmas Gift to the Middle Class

NBC Paid Severance to Chris Matthews’ Staffer After Sexual Harassment Claims

Why Vladimir Putin Is Thanking President Trump

Liberals…The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Jerusalem ‘A Recognition of Reality’…Part One

Thousands Of Felons Registered To Vote Before Doug Jones Won Alabama Senate Race, Activist Says

House Judiciary Lawmakers Mull Subpoenas on FBI, DOJ After Text Messages Reveal ‘Path’ to Stop Trump

Sexual Allegations Are Lobbied At Democrat Sen. Schumer But He Calls Them Fake Immediately!

Second woman accuses Democrat Rep. Kihuen of sexual misconduct

Omarosa: I saw things in Trump White House ‘I was very uncomfortable with’

Watch! Conservative watchdog head: Do we need to shut down the FBI?

Melania Trump Remembers Hurricane Victims at Toys for Tots Event, Encourages America to Give Back During Christmas

GOP elites celebrate Democrat win in Alabama, bash Steve Bannon

Movie director Duncan Jones suggests military coup ‘to defend democracy’ from GOP

The FCC Will Vote to Repeal Net Neutrality on Thursday

PBS Suspends Tavis Smiley Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Good News! Applications for US jobless aid drop by 11,000 to 225,000

Average Family with Children Will Save $2-3K from GOP Tax Bill

Trump announces Americans will see tax cuts by February, if plan passes on schedule. Merry Christmas!

Missouri: Two police officers shot in north St. Louis County; Suspect barricaded

Sweden: Masked Gang Firebomb Synagogue After Jerusalem Protest

Swedish PM Admits Country Has Growing Anti-Semitism Problem

‘Radicalized in New York’: Subway Jihadist Attended Terror-Linked Mosque (See more in islamic news tab)

Dem Pat Caddell: Establishment Elites ‘Want to Manage the Decline’ But American People ‘Rage Against the Dying of the Light’

Confused: Sheila Jackson Lee congratulates ‘Doug Moore’ for Alabama victory

Mark Levin BLASTS Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand As A “Fraud”

Did Sen. Elizabeth Warren Just Call Sen. Gillibrand A Slut?

Disney buying 21st Century Fox Assets in $52.4B deal

NYC Terrorist Was Stopped By Hero Cops Before He Could Detonate A Second Device

NAACP demanding Phenix City to clear 80+ names of illegal voters

A Disney Deal for Fox Is Coming Within Days

CNN Walks Back Previous Report Suggesting Jeff Sessions Colluded With Russia

GUEST SLAMS CNN: ‘People Don’t Trust You Guys’ Because You Tell Them They Are Wrong, Stupid, And Racist

No, Protests And Violence Against Israel Aren’t Trump’s Fault. They’re Just Anti-Semitism

BREAKING: Nellie Ohr, Wife of Demoted Justice Official in Trump Dossier Case Who Worked for Fusion GPS, Also Worked for CIA

UPDATE: College Adviser Who Stole Lucian Wintrich’s Speech at UConn Is ARRESTED! …Charges Dropped Against Lucian

GOP Tax Bill Will Cause Dem States To Face Reality

Another Massachusetts Democrat Facing Massive Scandal

Top GOP Senator Says Obama Misled Congress On A Key Aspect Of The Uranium One Deal

CNN Airs Segment on Trump’s Soda Habit While NYC Terror Attack Unfolded

Sarah Sanders Gets Into It With CNN Over Fake News Question: ‘I’m Not Finished!’

Credibility of Fox News On the Line with Poll That Shows Jones Up 10 points

NYC Terror Suspect Came to U.S. as Foreign Relative of ‘Visa Lottery’ Immigrant

Report: Fusion GPS Paid Justice Department Official’s Wife During 2016 Campaign

Moore Vietnam Buddy Defends Him from ‘Political Vietcong Ambush’…

Family of Terrorist OUTRAGED at ‘Heavy-Handed’ Tactics

**Live Updates**: Explosion at NYC Port Authority

Flashback: ISIS Threatened Christmas Massacre in New York City Two Weeks Ago

Trump’s First Year Debt is One-Third of Obama’s Debt and Most of the Debt is Due to Yellen’s Interest Rate Increases

The Mainstream Media’s Accused — The Rap Sheet, 35 So Far

Seven Women Have Now Accused Judge Alex Kozinski of the 9th US Circuit Court Of Sexual Harassment

AUDIO: Trump Cuts Robocall for Roy Moore – Blasts Ultra-Liberal Doug Jones

Democrat Run Baltimore City Council Considers Tax Hikes To Pay For Affordable Housing

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Officer Fatally Shoots Man Who Punched, Dragged Other Cop #PoliceLivesMatter

Disgusting. Top Barack Obama Official Blames United States for Radicalizing Palestinians (See more in Islamic News Tab)

FUSION GPS FAIL: Inside Glenn Simpson’s Plot To Link Pedo Jeffrey Epstein With POTUS Trump

Trump’s EPA Just Went Nuclear In Its Fight Against NYT

Teen charged in beating disabled man, broadcasting it on Facebook Live gets probation

WATCH: Students With MAGA Hats EVICTED From ‘Safe Space’ Coffee Shop At Fordham U

Megyn’s Revenge: Trump Sexual Harassment Accusers Unite! Press Conference Today…

All The Proof You’ll Ever Need That America’s Media Really Are ‘Fake News’

WATCH: Absolutely INCREDIBLE National Anthem At Annual Army-Navy Football Game

EU suing countries that refuse migrants

Trump may get tax cut bill with more generous credits for illegal immigrants

Suspect In Custody After Pipe Bomb Explodes At New York’s Port Authority, Injuries Reported

EXCLUSIVE – Roy Moore Interview: I Will Bring Alabama Values – American Values – to D.C.

Santa Barbara Evacuates As Uncontained 230,000 Acre Thomas Fire Becomes Fifth Largest In State History

Welcome To The Hell Hole That Is Brussels

DANGER=> NFL Ticket Prices Hit Rock Bottom As National Anthem Protest Backlash Extends Into Week 14

Greenwald: The U.S. Media Just Suffered Its Most Humiliating Debacle in Ages

Heartbreaking Video of Bullied Schoolboy Goes Viral=> Sean Hannity Offers Him Flight to Fox News Studio in NYC

LIBERAL HYPOCRISY: Chelsea Handler Tweet Of Sarah Sanders Make-Up Parody Draws Outrage (VIDEO)

CNN East Coast Elitist: People Should Trust the Liberal Media Because of its Endless Mistakes… WTH?

‘WikiLeaks Can’t Protect Their Sources’: Is The CIA About to Reveal Names of DNC Leakers?

Trump Absolutely Obliterates CNN With Two Little Tweets

Busted!! Jeb Bush Staffer Behind the False Allegations of Moore…Was An Inside RINO Job All Along

Transgender Teen Suing School for Permission to Change in Girls’ Locker Room

Leftists SUING California Schools: 96 Percent of Kids Can’t Read

Navy Seaman Fakes Crime Seeking To Cause Racist Division!

CNN Host Ask Trump Supporter To Defend President As A “Black Man”

Arizona GOP lawmaker resigns over surrogacy allegation

Payroll Company Reports Largest Number of New Manufacturing Jobs in History – 40,000 New Manufacturing Jobs in November

BOOM! Trump Exposes Former Presidents – Posts Video of Clinton, Bush, Obama Lying About Jerusalem for Votes (VIDEO)

US Engulfed in the Most Corrupt Event in History and All Roads Lead Back to Former President Obama

Trump Jobs Numbers Out: Unemployment at 17 year Low, 2.2 Million New Jobs Since Election, More Americans Working than Ever!

Major Dem Leader Just Arrested Outside U.S. Capitol

Clothing business uses young girls in vulgar videos to raise money for Planned Parenthood, LGBT causes (See more in ProLife News Tab)

New initiative exposes censorship of Christians, conservatives by Facebook, Twitter

Sarah Silverman ‘scared,’ ‘shaken’ by seeing American flag flown in yard

Alabama Democrat Doug Jones under fire for racist ad targeting black voters

Chelsea Handler blames Trump for LA fires, gets roasted on Twitter

Feldman Vindicated! Sheriff’s Office Finds Lost Audio Detailing Sex Abuse Reports

Netanyahu signs multi-billion-dollar Power Africa agreement with US

Brian Ross Removed From Trump Coverage After Suspension Ends, ABC News Says

Droves Of Democrats Busted As 160 Taxpayer Schools Linked To Terrorist Grooming Under Obama (See more in Islamic News Tab)

Franken resigns in defiant floor speech

Facebook ‘White Nonsense’ Police Are Rounding Up All Your ‘Racially Insensitive’ Comments

Prominent Liberal Cheers As Rupert Murdoch’s Home Burns In California Wildfire

Report: DOJ Reviewing More Than 10,000 Text Messages Between Anti-Trump Mueller Investigators

They Go Low: Chris Matthews Sez ‘Crazy’ Evangelicals ‘Don’t Understand’ Israel Situation

The Gay Marriage Ruling Supports the Baker

Bush Bureaucrats Favored by John Kelly Now Running Trump’s DHS

Vatican Newspaper: ‘Trump Inflames the Middle East’

U.N. Security Council Calls Emergency Session Over Jerusalem

Trump slams Democrats for possible govt shutdown ‘They want to have illegal immigrants pouring into our country’

Ex-CIA: the “Russian investigation” is just a bunch of fabrications – President Trump should just pardon anyone involved

House passes interstate concealed-carry gun bill

160 Trump accomplishments in 300+ days

Netanyahu Responds to Trump’s Recognition of Jerusalem: “Thank You for Today’s Historic Decision” (Video)

Trump’s Recognition Of Jerusalem Makes ‘Peace’ More Likely

Sarah Sanders Calls Dem Stunt “Pathetic” After House Overwhelmingly Rejects Trump Impeachment Resolution

The Gay Couple In The Masterpiece Cakeshop Case Are Vindictive Bullies, Not Victims

Dianne Feinstein Sinks To New Low, Here’s Why She’s Worried About Trump Presidency

Canadian School District Quits Operation Christmas Child Over Gay Marriage Stance

The Gay Lobby Is Fighting For Special Rights, Not Equal Rights

WATCH: Shapiro On Fox And Friends: Trump’s Jerusalem Decision ‘An Act Of Not Only Political Bravery But Moral Courage’

NEVER FORGET=> On Christmas Day 2016 Barack Obama Signed Over Judaism and Christendom’s Holiest Sites to Muslims

SICK! Lib Media Gushes Over Hillary Clinton ‘Resistmas’ Christmas Tree Angel

DISGUSTING. Far Left Group Starts Running Ads Comparing Judge Roy Moore to Mass Murderer Dylan Roof (VIDEO)

BUSTED: Elizabeth Warren’s CFPB Used Secret “Slush Fund” To Funnel Billions Into Left-Wing Causes

Trump’s approval rating jumps to 45 percent, highest since September

Terror suspect ‘sent Prince George’s picture and school address to friends with message “even royals won’t be left alone”

Islamist suicide plot to assassinate Prime Minister Theresa May foiled

Awful. Pope Slams President Trump for Recognizing Jerusalem as Capital of Israel

So Pope Francis Addressed the Notion of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

Erdogan calls Islamic summit next week on Jerusalem

Sanders Asked If Trump Visiting Civil Rights Museum Is ‘Insulting.’ She Drops Cold, Hard Truth

NYT: Bill And Hillary Were Weinstein’s ‘Celebrity Shields’

Russian Lawyer Who Met Don Jr. Submits Senate Testimony — There’s Just One Problem

As Sources Predicted, Trump Will Declare Jerusalem the Capital of Israel—Pray for the City’s Peace

Former FBI Assistant Director: Strzok Bombshell ‘Casts A Cloud Over Much Of The Clinton Investigation’

Border Apprehensions Plunge, Interior Arrests Surge In Trump’s First Year

Democrat Rep. Gregory Meeks Fired Staffer Who Angered Donor By Reporting Her Sexual Assault. Your Tax Dollars Settled The Lawsuit

Double Standard? Clinton Aides Went Unpunished After Making False Statements To Anti-Trump FBI Supervisor

Conyers To Retire In 2018 — Will Collect Full Pension, Benefits; Will Not Resign After Sex Assaults

ICE Chief: Trump Has Done More For Border Security And Public Safety’ Than Past 6 Presidents

Democrat Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison — Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital Would Be A ‘Horrible Tragedy’

Google Increases Staff To Search Out YouTube Extreme Content

Washington Post suggests only ‘white nationalists’ upset by Kate Steinle murder verdict

Pro-Antifa two-time loser Mitt Romney calls Roy Moore a ‘stain on the GOP: Moore Responds

Nancy Pelosi: GOP tax bill ‘end of the world,’ ‘Armageddon’ —…

Pro-Jones PAC uses voter intimidation tactics: Ads claims ‘vote is public…

Left-wing conspiracy site claims Russia used NRA to ‘smuggle money to…

After Steinle verdict, rep unveils bill to imprison officials who shelter illegal immigrants

Dow futures soar 250 points as tax bill approval boosts sentiment despite fake news ABC Put Out About Flynn

Italian Doctor on Trial for Saying ‘Homosexuality Is a Disease’ Not Guilty

Weak 13: NFL Attendance Crisis Continues

Report: Trump ‘Frustrated’ With Aides Opposing Jerusalem Embassy Move

L.A. Film Critics Honor Underage Gay Romantic Drama with Best Picture

Klein: Kushner Dangerously Delusional on Middle East

POTUS Suggests Corp Rate Could Exceed 20 Percent

McConnell Says Democrats’ Amnesty-or-Shutdown Threat is ‘Ridiculous’

Mitch Folds: No Longer Actively Opposing Moore…

Felony Charges After Democrat Matthew Lieberman Allegedly Points Gun at Individual, Yells ‘Racial Slurs’

Republicans Prepare For War With FBI, DOJ: To File Contempt Action Over Anti-Trump Bias

2 Months After The Las Vegas Shooting And Still Virtually Nothing Is Known

New documents reveal FBI’s Clinton cover-up

NO ACCIDENT: FBI Knows Bill Clinton SET UP Meeting with Lynch

Mueller aide fired for anti-Trump texts now facing review for role in Clinton email probe

Soros Army in Alabama to Register Convicted Felons to Vote Against Roy Moore

BREAKING: Trump Supporter Hospitalized After Being Viciously Attacked By Left-Wing Antifa Terrorists in Boston

BREAKING: Obama Admin Reportedly Approved General Flynn Calls with Russian Ambassador

Obama Campaign Operative Met With Russian Officials in Moscow Prior to 2008 Election

#FakeNews ABC Corrects Explosive Flynn Report That Drove Down Stocks

Miami VA Hospital Cafeteria infested with ‘Insects and Rodent Droppings’

24 State AGs Call Congress to Pass National Reciprocity for Concealed Carry

Walmart Selling ‘Antifa’ Fan Gear

DOJ Puts Out Arrest Warrant for Kate Steinle’s Killer

Left-Wing Media Bash Trump over ‘Merry Christmas’ Message

Obama Campaigners Spend $1 Million in Secretive Donations Backing Doug Jones


Reports: Jared Kushner Ordered Call to Russians…

Senate Passes the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 51-49

What’s Happening in Hollywood, Washington & in Newsrooms is also Happening in the Classroom!!

Trump may replace Tillerson with Pompeo: report

African Migrants Captured By Libyan Slave Traders Were Cooked Like Kebabs

Hard Drive Tied to Wasserman Schultz Is Central To Imran Awan Case

These Protesters Finally Prove Trump Right — They Got Paid

Fifth Woman, an Army Vet, Accuses Democrat Sen Franken of Groping Her

Conyers hospitalized in Detroit

Senate GOP’s campaign arm stole House GOP donor data: report

Dem lawmaker: Pelosi harassment response set women back ‘decades’

Dow surges 115 points, breaks above 24,000 ahead of Senate tax vote

New Children’s Book Depicts Gay Santa. The Reasoning Is Absurd.

Brooklyn Library Hosts Gender Bending Event for Toddlers

Descendant Of Pocahontas Not Offended By Trump Joke On Elizabeth Warren

Geraldo Defends Matt Lauer — “News Is A Flirty Business”; Twitter Lights Up His Timeline

Democrat Rep. Clyburn suggests Conyers accusers not credible because they’re white, compares them to child murderer

Laura Loomer confronts Linda Sarsour at panel on anti-Semitism: ‘You’re an anti-Semite’ — Video

Elizabeth Warren Plagiarized ‘Cherokee’ Crabmeat Recipe from French Chef VIDEO

Actor Jim Carrey: GOP, White House ‘sinister conclaves of souless traitors,’ must be removed

Players divided over NFL’s $100 million social justice proposal

House investigators seek contempt citations against FBI & DOJ – VIDEO

Andrea Tantaros’ Lawyer Complains About Fox News Lawyers Threatening Sanctions!

Haley: ‘North Korean regime will be utterly destroyed’ if war breaks out

SPECIAL REPORT: Judge Roy Moore Accusers Linked To Drug Dealers & Washington Post VIDEO

Vandals Deface James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Real News Headquarters (PHOTO)

Far Left Icon Garrison Keillor Fired from Public Radio for Alleged Inappropriate Behavior


Sarsour, not Trump, most likely TIME’s person of the year. (She Called For Jihad Against Trump)

Scarlet Fever: A Sudden and Dramatic Outbreak Has Been Recorded in England, and Scientists Can’t Explain Why VIDEO

Black Death Plague: Death toll hits 195 in WORST plague outbreak for 50 years – fears grow

“The Cover-Up Begins To End”: Judicial Watch Hints At Explosive New Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Docs

Maryland Schools Forced To Cancel Baltimore Field Trips Due To “Escalating Violence”

SICK! Provocative ‘Gay’ Nativity Arrives For Christmas

Somali refugee rapes 2 U.S. women, walks free (See more in islamic news tab)

FCC Chair Calls Out Celebrities, ‘Verified Liberals’ on Net Neutrality…

Obama to Take Post-Presidential Asia Tour

Elizabeth Warren Lied About Native American Ancestry But Objects When Trump Calls Her ‘Pocahontas’

AP Retracts False Article Claiming Bannon Would Not Campaign for Judge Moore

Media Ignore Bombshell Info Raising Major Questions About Motives of Moore Accuser…

Two familiar Democratic names tied to possible immigration scam

PARTIAL List of men accused of sexual misconduct

NBC fires ‘Today’ show host Matt Lauer for inappropriate sexual behavior

Trump: It’s ‘great’ that CNN isn’t coming to the White House Christmas party

Supreme Court shoots down gun cases, upholds ban on assault weapons and open-carry

Trump warns federal shutdown coming: ‘I don’t see a deal!’

Benghazi suspect convicted on 4 of 18 criminal charges, acquitted of murder

Trump backs Obamacare payments as part of tax cuts deal

How a House Dem accused of drunken shenanigans revealed another secret ‘hush fund’

Unmasked: SJP a Terror-Affiliated Anti-Semitic Network

Southern Poverty Law Center Hit Piece on Robert Spencer Encourages Mob Suppression of Free Speech

VIDEO and PHOTOS: Fascists at NYU Demand “The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go”

Catholic Church files lawsuit after Christmas ad rejected by D.C. subway system #GellerBan

Gutfeld on Olbermann ‘Retirement’: ‘He Came, He Screamed, He Left’

Mattis: North Korea Missiles ‘Threaten Everywhere in the world’

Laura Ingraham Blasts Vanity Fair ‘Hit Piece’ on Melania Trump

Denzel Washington: Don’t blame system for black crime

‘Supergirl’ Ties Trump to Nazis With ‘Make America Aryan Again’ Slogan

The View’s Joy Behar Says Pro-Lifers Only Care About People ‘Before You’re Born VIDEO (SEE MORE IN PRO-LIFE NEWS TAB)

SAD. Prince Harry’s Fiancee Says Focus On Mixed-Race Background Is ‘Disheartening’

Supreme Court Ducks Two Second Amendment Challenges

Antifa clowns started a snowball fight with police officers in Canada Sunday, but got shut down quickly VIDEO

 Trump Had ‘Lengthy Conversation’ With Key Witness In The Case Against Michael Flynn

Watchdog Finds More Evidence Obama’s EPA Broke Federal Law

Army Vet: Anthem Protesters Aren’t Protesting ‘Real Issues in Black Community’ VIDEO

Dem Rep Sez Franken and Conyers Should Resign

Establishment’s Alabama Hoax: ‘Write In’ Candidate Attended Doug Jones Fundraiser

Trump’s Immigration Enforcement Wins Higher Wages for Chicago Employees

BREAKING: Undercover Video Exposes Washington Post’s Hidden Agenda VIDEO

Roy Moore Vows to Take Off Gloves and Fight for Trump’s Agenda

New York Post Eviscerates Lena Dunham: ‘Good Riddance’

NPR’s Cokie Roberts: Press Corps Covered Up Congressional Sexual Misconduct ‘For Years’

Sources: Rep. Gutierrez won’t seek re-election; may run for gov of Puerto Rico

Trans ‘Women’ With Intact Prostates Can Now Shimmy into Showers With Girl Scouts in UK

‘Feminists’ Want Sleeping Beauty Banned

3-Strike felon who got clemency now faces murder charge

Unhinged Trump-hater Keith Olbermann: I QUIT!

Dem. Rep. calling for Trump impeachment slept with, then sued allegedly drug-addicted staffer

Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren: Calling me ‘Pocahontas’ a racial slur

Black Racism, by the Numbers: The TRUTH isn’t racist, it’s just the TRUTH

On CNN, Filmmaker Jon Alpert Blames U.S. for Communism Failing in Cuba

Columbia University Newspaper Refuses To Publish Republican Op-Ed On Free Speech VIDEO

Democrat Leading Charge Against Sexual Harassment In Congress Says ‘We Don’t Know’ Conyers Accusations Are True

Black Lives Matter Organizes ‘Black Xmas’ To Divest From ‘White Corporations’ And ‘White Capitalism’

Update: Racist Indiana University Nurse Is Fired After Posting Hateful Anti-White Tweets VIDEO

President Trump Proposes Contest to Determine Which Network Is Most Dishonest and Corrupt

VIDEO – Trump Brings Christ Back to Christmas: Nativity Scene Returns to White House

Susan Sarandon: ‘I thought Hillary was very dangerous. If she’d won, we’d be at war’

New Zealand Government: ‘Jesus’ dropped from official prayer

‘Ignorant infidels’ in U.S. may have to be ‘forced’ to accept Islam (SEE MORE IN ISLAMIC NEWS TAB)

Radical Democrat Doug Jones Defended Man With Ties to KKK, Holocaust Deniers

Court Documents: Roy Moore Accuser Has ‘Violent Nature,’ History of Criminal Fraud Against Own Family

ABC Guest Suggests Lower Class Women Excuse Moore Because They Are Used To Being Raped VIDEO

Another Vegas Massacre Victim Just Found Dead And How He Was Killed Is Raising MAJOR Concerns (With links to the articles)

Indiana Nurse Under Investigation for Tweets about Killing White Babies

FBI, over 200,000 background check requests associated with the purchase of a firearm were submitted to the agency on Black Friday

MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ hosts caught faking post-Thanksgiving banter they taped earlier

Dem Senate Office Admits Obama Pentagon Tried To Cover Up Child Rape Among Afghan Forces

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